London Gates Review 2021- Online Trading Platform

Trade is an age-old profession. Its policies have remained consistent throughout human history. The techniques might have remained the same, but the methods have evolved drastically over time. Our financial system is heavily dependent on trade so much so that any disruption in trade will have a cascading effect throughout the socio-economical spectrum. I am writing this review to emphasize the importance of online trading and how my platform of choice has assisted me in getting to the top.

To ensure that there is no shortage of traders, online trading platforms have been launched by many different firms. This has allowed millions of people from around the world to trade online and generate profits. The online trading system has allowed thousands of families to make trade their second job to provide a better life for their families. As someone who had been critical of online trading platforms before, I must admit even I did not see myself switching my entire business to rely on online trading completely. My platform of choice was London Gates. I switched from working as an independent trader to becoming a full-time online trader. I was able to sign up for London Gates accounts easily as compared to other potential platforms and the process was quite descriptive but it took a lot less time than anticipated.

Online trading

Today the dominant marketplace is based online so it is natural for firms to transfer their assets to online trading platforms to ensure a sound business strategy in the financial system. The advent of the internet has resulted in the formation of an online system through which trade is conducted but this system requires support from traditional traders to launch into the mainstream market.

I used to despise using an online platform to conduct trade not because of any personal grudge against an online system but for security purposes. When online trading first launched into the open market, I tried it out for a while, and it didn’t end well. The security of independent accounts was practically non-existent and I for one was not comfortable using my personal information on a platform that was vulnerable to exploitation. I eventually quit online trading and continued with traditional tools and methods.

After a few years, I did try out a new online trading platform but only as a trial run. All around me I could see that the dynamics of trade were shifting and soon the entire financial system would rely completely on online trading and it would become the norm. all things considered, there are a few aspects of London Gates that made me prefer it over other similar trading platforms. The factors that helped me decide which trading platform to choose for my company to transition to were

  • Secure system
  • Complete control
  • Assets
  • Reliability
  • Account types
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Secure system

Security is an essential part of any trading business. If a trader cannot keep their assets secure before making any transaction, then they risk losing their credibility. I turned to the online system because it guaranteed perfect security for all my tradable assets. While this guarantee was technically true, I soon found out that not every platform abides by the standards set for security for an online trading platform.

There are a few trading platforms that prioritize the security of customer data and have taken steps to make sure that no third party can access it. After extensive research, I found that London Gates has an excellent encryption system that ensures complete security of user data. This is one of the reasons I still use London Gates as my go-to platform because it does not compromise its features when it comes to security.

Complete Control

The accounts offered by London Gates gives users complete control over the tools at their disposal. I found it relatively easy to learn the techniques required to utilize these tools effectively. This kind of complete control has given me an edge over the competition since a select number of trading platforms have such features that allow users to trade in the open market freely. However, in terms of accessibility, I found that limiting support for additional phone numbers was a step in an undesirable direction albeit not uncommon in the online trading system.

Assets categories

The most important feature of any trading platform is the assets it gives its customers access to. Assets are tradable items that can be exchanged for different types of currency depending upon a trader’s preference. While many factors played a role in my decision to choose London Gates, the primary factor was the exclusive assets that it provided.

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Basic Assets

The basic assets that are essential for a trading platform are Forex, commodities, indices, stocks and currencies. I required limited experience to get started with trading using such assets because the description for each tool assisted me in learning the methods of online trading quickly. I have conducted a significant amount of trades using these basic assets yet the number of indices offered by London Gates seems to be limited. It hasn’t made much of a difference in my overall performance but it is noticeable.


These are the basic stocks that any trading platform has access to. However, the exclusive assets that only a select few are entrusted with are cryptocurrencies. Every other asset on the London Gates trading platform is available to regular traders as well. And while many features such as reliability are important, they do not call for a complete transition to the online system. My motivation was forex and crypto.

Crypto has been around for nearly a decade and while there have been talks to make it mainstream, it still has a long way to go before it is made available to every trader in the open market. So, my only choice, if I was ever to get access to crypto stocks, was to switch to an online trading platform that offered such assets in its catalogue. I am glad I made that decision because crypto has become an even more desirable asset since I transitioned to London Gates and as a result, I have made significant profits from it.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that this platform is perfect. Their crypto catalogue does not include a significant portion of the cryptocurrencies available online. A trading platform must allow all verified currencies to be traded on its system if it is to earn the trust of more traders who are looking to get into the crypto business. The platform has stated that it will induct more digital currencies into its catalogue as soon as they stabilize.

Account types

One of the reasons I chose London Gates out of all the other platforms was because of the diverse options they provide for their customers. Take their account types as an example. I found that London Gates had account options for people of varying experience and it helped me a lot when I switched to the online system.  Their account types are

  • Self-managed

A minimum access account with only a handful of tools at the disposal of the account operator and costs is a mere $250. This account came in handy when I was learning the basics of the online system and had no prior experience trading with assets online especially cryptocurrencies.

  • Select
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A similar package as the self-managed but with access to a couple of extra features such as proprietary tools such as asset management, bonus funds, risk management planning, monthly webinars, level withdrawal access, access to spreads from 1.5 pips, and much more. It costs $10,000 for registration.

  • Personal

Just like the select package, the personal account adds bonus features such as spreads from 0.5 pips, tier 2 room analysis, level 2 withdrawal priority, and respectable flexible leverage of 1:300. Weekly webinars are also included. The account can be set up for $50,000.

  • Honors

This is a professional account that only experienced traders can handle. It contains premium features such as 0.0 pips, VIP events, and all webinars. The leverage limit has increased by 1:400 and a $5000 gift. This account requires a deposit of $250,000.

  • Wealth management

This option is where the best of all world’s situation can be applied. It provides 24/7 access to the trading information stream. It builds on the honour package by including the management algorithm for funds. Technically there is no specified limit on this account. You’re going to need a reference to get access to the features this account provides.

I found that traders who are completely fresh and have little to no experience found it relatively easy to adapt to the entry-level accounts even though most have never utilized an online trading account before.Overall as a trader new to the online system, I found myself using every single type of account until I reached the top. I did have trouble getting access to the wealth management account due to the account manager being busy during trading hours. However, this issue was eventually resolved and now I have full access.

Final thoughts

The online trading system is expected to become the norm over the next couple of years and if you are a beginner or a professional, I suggest that you get into the online system before it’s too late like I did with London Gates.


This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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