Cryptme Review 2021 | How to Get Started with This Reliable Platform?

Considering the huge popularity of cryptocurrencies in recent years, the number of crypto exchanges has been continuously rising. There are thousands of crypto exchangers on the internet but only a few are verified by industry leaders. Among these verified a select few are worth dealing with because most exchangers only care for profits and do not care for their clients.

So,how will you know which exchanger to trust? I used to ask myself this question as well when I started accumulating crypto coins. I was essentially collecting money that I was not able to use since crypto is not as widely accepted yet. I required an exchanger, but I was overwhelmed by the options I got when I searched for one.

The number of exchanging platforms on the internet was just too much for me because I didn’t know what to look for. After switching platforms multiple times due to unsatisfactory service, I came across Cryptme and I was hooked. Cryptme was the first platform that gave me a clear overview of what they do and how I can guarantee my financial rights without agreeing to anything.

When I first started dealing with cryptocurrencies, I did not trust any platform with my hard-earned money, and I was not about to simply hand over all earnings in one go. I started small and gradually increased my exchange capacity. This way I was able to search out the features that made Cryptme the best platform for me as an activeexchanger. Since exchanging has become relatively famous in these 2 years so to find a good and balanced platform is very important. This is why I wanted to compose a very well-detailed review on Cryptme.

Cryptme is owned and operated by Smartivate Pty Ltd., an Australian company, with registration number ACN 640 538 923, situated at Unit 90, 19 Carina Peak Drive, Varsity Lakes QLD 4227 Australia.

Cryptme is not perfect but the features that make it the best option for any crypto exchanger are as follows.

  • Secure system
  • Cryptme Exchange Platform
  • Regular exchange updates
  • Crypto support
  • Customer Care

Secure system – 81/100

Crypto exchange is a sensitive business. The account details of every party involved in a transaction must always be kept secure and out of the hands of outsiders. So, the question, why should you trust Cryptme with your data and information? Let me put it simply like this, there are thousands of verified exchangers with whom I can technically deal with and for some time my data would be secure.

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However, the real issue comes when the hardware and software used for security become outdated. This is the deciding point where a platform’s security system becomes useless. Hackers are always changing their tactics. If an exchanging firm cannot keep up with technology, then they risk putting their clients’ sensitive information at risk.

Most platforms get their verification and then they stop updating their systems to stay a step ahead of hackers. Any firm that welcomes compromises when it comes to security is not to be trusted since they care more about keeping their profit margins high instead of providing a service.

For me, exchanging crypto on Cryptme was a little difficult to understand at first. However, as time went by, I realized that the reason why Cryptme always took a maintenance break from online servicing is because of the regular updates they did to their systems. This provided assurance and saved me money from having to invest in a completely separate security system which would be redundant anyway in such situations.

Cryptme Exchange Platform – 83/100

Cryptme, where I can exchange Fiat-to-Cryptocurrency and Cryptocurrency-to-Fiat, gives me multiple options on both sides. With fiat I get:

  1. EUR
  2. USD
  3. AUD
  4. GBP
  5. JPY

With Cryptocurrency I get:

  1. BTC
  2. ETH
  3. LTC

The main is very well presented. I can get everything I need to know about cryptocurrency on the platform’s main with ease. All info. And rates on each cryptocurrency are diligently provided on the first page. The new exchangers can take away from this platform. The information provided on each crypto is given as:

  • Currency pair
  • Last Price
  • 24h Change
  • 24h High
  • 24h Low
  • Market Cap
  • 24h Volume
  • Chart

Regular blogs regarding exchange rates – 78/100

One of the best parts about Cryptme was not just related to its core business model, I found that it was the primary selling point. Cryptme sets out regular blogs for its customer base. This includes updated exchange rates and how the market is serving the crypto industry. While the actual exchanges are made independently and have little to nothing to do with such blogs, it is a bonus for Cryptme to include these blogs. This is because as anexchangerI always want to remain updated on the current market trends. The exchange rates might not directly affect mydeal, but they will help me make a final decision when I try to exchange my currency. apart from all the information, this section is also really engaging and keeps me busy until I have finalized a deal and am ready to see it go through.

Crypto support – 80/100

Cryptme supports a variety of cryptocurrencies and each can be exchanged for different centralized currencies. However, their catalog is numbered, and it does not contain as many cryptocurrencies as one would prefer although it does have all the big players registered. Cryptme has stated that it plans to induct more cryptocurrencies into its catalog as they stabilize which does make sense. Why would you exchange a currency that is yet to stabilize? So, this is technically a drawback, but you can understand where they’re coming from.

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Customer Care – 85/100

Let me tell you this, every online service requires a customer support team that monitors accounts every business day at the very least. There will always be glitches in online currency exchanges, and it occurs in nearly every exchanging platform. When I was starting as a crypto exchanger, I had a slight issue when one of my exchanges would not go through and I would have incurred a small loss if it had not been for the support team of Cryptme. They were responsible for resolving my problem within a matter of minutes.

After this situation, I knew that Cryptme may have its drawbacks in a few places but the support they provide for their customers makes up for these drawbacks. It was then when I knew that I would be using Cryptme for a while until I find another better-exchanging platform. It has been a long time and I have been unsuccessful in finding a new platform that matches the benefits Cryptme provides me. If you are going to use a platform daily, then you need a good customer care team that is always on standby waiting to resolve your issues regarding their services.

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The alternatives that Cryptme provides are:

  • Live Chat
  • Phone
  • Form
  • Email

How to get started?

When I made the decision and had chosen Cryptme as my primary exchange platform for cryptocurrencies then here are the steps,I had to follow to the letter to sign up for an account. It’s quite easy and will only take a few minutes. I Simplywent to the home page and selected the register tab placed on the top bar. I then added the required information and didn’t really worry about sensitive information. Cryptme is secure and my data was always going to be stored in an encrypted manner such that no third party could access it before my approval. After finishing putting in my name, phone number, email address, country, etcIcouldsubmit, and I was immediately able to start my exchanging venture right away.

Ihad officially signed up to exchange my cryptocurrencies. Remember, exchange transactions require you to be vigilant. Even the slightest of mistakes on your part can be dangerous. So, take your time and conduct your business in an ordered fashion. Be cautious and if the site requires a bit more information as a failsafe in case you make a mistake then feel free to give it to them. This is for your benefit. The site has done everything it can to keep your account safe. Now it is up to you to decide whether you want to monitor your actions to alert you in case there is some unverified activity with your account.

Closing thoughts

Crypto exchange is in its early days and is expected to evolve like other industries. While there are other options too, I have always preferred to useCryptme’s services because it has worked so well for me and I just want to make sure that everybody can reap the same benefits as I get to do with Cryptme.  This is not because Cryptme is perfect rather it is because it is one of the few exchange platforms that are actively making efforts to improve its services for its customers.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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