Images & Copyright: How can I be safe?

In this furious world of the tech and internet, smartphones, and social media channels. We all are pretty used to uploading our pictures and happy memories on multiple platforms. It unlocks doors wide free for anyone who needs to take your images and utilize them for their distinct ideas. 

Of course, nobody craves their self-created content to get used without their permission or even light. Yet, anything that accesses the internet place is disposed to theft. Without a doubt, your pictures are no different.

It’s also more dangerous if you are an honest artist, content creator, or photographer, as your business well-being might depend on your visual stuff. Sadly, image theft is the usual and fundamental problem many people will encounter regularly. This problem is living since the beginning of the internet, and there exists a few tricks we can apply to stop this mess! 

So, without dragging yourself over any further speech, give a read to this short post to learn how to get safe from image theft!

Tip#1: Use Reverse Image Look-Up Tools Regularly!

Constant checking and ensuring yourself from time to time is not a big deal if you have reverse image search tools in your hands! We often felt doubtful about some of our posted images that it might get grabbed by someone. In that case, using reverse image search tools is a blessing for you! Whether you are busy or don’t wish to mess up around manual checks, these image finder tools will give you complete support. Reverse photo search tools use AI techniques and match your images from all over the internet and serve you with similar results. 

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In other words, you can also call it a phenomenon of finding similar images by uploading images. Once you drop a picture of anything, the image search tools will find the web, match the stuff, and serve you with 100% accurate outputs. Many search engines are offering search by image techniques. However, the ideal option is to go with the reverse image search by that is safe, free, and quick.

Tip#2: Attach a copyright notice

If you are posting images on your self-operated sites and channels, stay sure to attach a copyright sign. It will symbolize that the photos presented are your rational property, and no one can use them without your approval. Many people may not recognize that images shown on the internet are not cost-free to utilize. So, this copyright notice act would 100% be an excellent reminder for them. 

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You can get this job done by pasting a copyright logo at the bottom of your image in red colour so it may get highlighted and your vision becomes safe from scratch.

Tip#3: Use Watermark in your Images

Shield your digital pictures by placing a textual or semi-transparent watermark on the photograph itself. It will not only publicize your brand or company but also decrease the chances of image theft. If you hear about watermarks for the first time, you might wonder what it precisely is and how to apply them to our images. Well, that’s simple! We suggest you go with a semi-transparent watermark that could be anything. 

It can be in the shape of your website’s logo to your trademark or site address. You can place it more than one time at different positions of your image. Using the watermark placing technique is more effective than anything as they are challenging to extract.

Tip#4: Try to Edit EXIF data!

Not numerous people know about EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) data of the picture they took with their DSLR or any other camera. This data carries parts of the image (information), including dimensions, focal length, project model, display time, shutter speed, etc.

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A user can view these details and edit them in their image editor by clicking on the image sections. From there, users may combine more data to the current EXIF data, such as a copyright sign, name, etc.

It is beneficial for photographers to add their personal or company details to each of their photographs.

Tip#5: Copyright your images correctly!

Here comes an extra step in preserving your memories more officially. Copyright your images is the best way for expert creators, artists, and photographers. Technically, copyright security starts when anyone captures the picture; having some document is essential when messing with thieves.

So, without rushing the process, take a step further to keep robust protection of your initial content. A user can disclose their copyright with the management. For this, they have to register an application holding your pictures and spend the copyright fee. A considerable benefit of management registration is that it provides you to write a lawsuit for financial losses against anyone utilizing your copyrighted photographs without your consent.

The Final Thoughts!

Protecting your images should be your main priority if you wish to lead ahead in the online universe! Please take a look at the mentioned above tips, follow them, and secure yourself right now!

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