SecuredVC Review 2021 | There is so much to gain from this broker in 2021!

Online trading is a very risky business, however, if you have access to the right platform that is secure and reliable and caters to your need, it can be very beneficial for the business. It is not easy to choose and decide what platform is the best one. A lot of research, time, and patience is required to decide upon whether a platform is good enough for you to trust with your fortune or not. In the world of trading, if you haven’t done proper research about what to choose, whom to trust, when and where to make the trade, what’s right, and what’s not, you will be at a loss. I understand this because I have been through the ups and downs of this industry for quite some time now.

Whenever you need to choose a platform, make sure you are carefully and deeply evaluating all the pros and cons so that you know what you are getting involved with. It isn’t possible that you find all the factors and services you are looking for in one platform, however; you need to make sure that all your top priority requirements are being fulfilled by that platform.For a long time, trading has been my passion. I’ve been actively interested in trading for more than 8 years. It all began with extensive research to find a brokerage company that not only met my immediate needs but also had the potential to fulfill my long-term goals.

One of the major concerns during online trading is the security of the systems in place. It was a major factor being considered by myself while looking out for a trading partner. During my search for a sincere and good reputational brokerage firm; I was informed of SecuredVC.

I did my research and after an extensive discussion with my seniors and my team members, I decided to give this a shot. The factors that I took into account while deciding a trading platform are as follows:

User-friendly Platform

Surely, when working on an online platform, the first thing or the first impression I get is from the friendliness of the website. An interface that is difficult to understand has always been e a turn-off for me and most new traders. SecuredVC has a well-designed website that is user-friendly for people of all ages and experiences. Also, the clear background and well-worked graphics are a plus. However, the dark background kind of dulls the vibe, but that is my personal preference. Moreover, it lacks the stock market report bar. Its presence helps me get more information on what is going on in the market in just a few glances.

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Another setback I found was that the website only allows two languages: English and Thai. I have few friends in China, Turkey, Egypt, and a few more places who find it easier to trade in their local language.

The platform provides me with the best analytical resources, addingcertainty to myanalysis report right away. Since tools allow me to improve my trading in ways that no one else can, SecyredVC does a good job in procuring the most innovative tools for the clients. They have a positive impact on my trading decisions, opening up plenty of other investment opportunities at the same time. I’ve been a satisfied user of the tools available here. The charting method was my personal favourite. One of the reasons is that it allows me to customise to a large degree. Color range, zooming options, and flagging tools all help to make an otherwise dull and monotonous process more exciting and enjoyable.

Overall, the website is very user-friendly and all the graphics make it easier to work through the website. It is comfortable to use by both new and old traders.

Investment Options

If a platform provides the best analytical resources, add it to your research list right away. Since tools allow me to improve my trading in ways that no one else can. They have a positive impact on my trading decisions, opening up plenty of other investment opportunities at the same time.

SecuredVC provided me with five types of investment options.


Stock trading is one of the most popular types of trading, and it’s also one of the investment options I’ve used and worked on in the past. In contrast to my previous experience with online brokerage firms, SecuredVC not only expanded my access to various stocks but also offered a rush of Wall Street trading.

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Though indices are also a trading alternative available on the platform. But I found the assortment to be shorter than the other. I mostly trade in Stocks and Currencies which is why the collection of Indices does not bother me.


The user can trade commodities through SecuredVC. Gold, silver, and crude oil are among the commodities that can be exchanged easily.


Foreign currency trading has always been so easy and enjoyable with SecuredVC. I can trade in several foreign currencies from a single-window when analysing their historical trends.


Crypto is one of the categories in which I had never previously traded. This was due to the high risk and visibility that came with it. SecuredVC, on the other hand, made me aware that digital coins have changed the way we trade, think, and invest. Our environment is increasingly evolving as a result of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. As a result, I included it in my portfolio. SecuredVC works with a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dash, while also highlighting the dangers that come with such burgeoning investments. It is incredibly thoughtful of them to have such disclaimers on their website so the customer must be aware of the risks, which also makes SecuredVC a reliable trading platform.

Security Check

Is my money safe? is a question that arises frequently in the mind of a trader. If you’re certain, you can easily resolve insomnia; but, if you’re not sure, there’s something wrong that needs to be tackled immediately. It’s a good rule of thumb for me to never use a platform that I don’t believe is safe enough. Since being unable to provide protection will bring you to a halt.

And, in some ways, the amount of clarity you can see the policies and stances has a lot to do with stability. Your eyes will come across the legal section if you scroll down to the bottom of the page. Anti-Money Laundering Policy and KYC, Bonus Policy, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Withdrawal, Refund and Cancellation, and Risk Disclosure Statement are among the subsections.

Service Quality

User satisfaction and loyalty are influenced by service quality, and these factors have a significant impact on user conduct. Service quality is a key factor in customer satisfaction, and there are many relationships between service quality, consumers’ perceived value, and loyalty. So far, SecuredVC has provided me with excellent service.

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I would say that the service providers at SecuredVC are:

  • Readily available via live chat or email;
  • adequately trained;
  • provide complete information; and
  • with a positive attitude.

SecuredVC allows me to monitor my portfolio according to my needs, with alerts and updates notifying me when the prices of my favourite stocks are attractive or reach a certain threshold. Their cutting-edge trading platform equips users with all of the tools they need to master the exciting world of CFD trading.

Learning and Education

As a broker, SecuredVC’ recognises the value of continuing to learn and refresh your skills. This is why they have a whole section devoted to library services. These are completely free and available to all users, regardless of the account form.

They’ve taken on the challenge of providing you with reliable, first-hand knowledge. There are sections such as e-books, a glossary, and FAQs, among others. Both of these are extremely detailed and organised in such a way that they are simple to navigate. Since I noticed new information coming my way, I spent a lot of time reading in this corner. I was a little disappointed in finding that it isn’t consistently refreshed, however, the way that it obliges a wide range of traders, progressed or essential regarding information, made for it.

Final Word

You’ve probably figured out that my experience with this platform was fantastic, which is why I depend on it. However, since all traders have different needs and demands, you can conduct your own research to determine what you cannot compromise and what you can live with. After that, select an acceptable forum. This analysis was not able to go into detail about the platform. But there’s a lot to look forward to if you sign up. In the long run, SecuredVC is a safe and stable choice for those looking for an online trading platform. I’ve told you about my experience, and it’s been amazing so far.

Disclaimer: This analysis is based solely on my own experience and expertise, and it is not expected to be a recommendation.

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