5 Valid Reasons to Buy Jewelry Made from LabMade Gemstones

The huge demand for diamonds has undeniably led to increased conflicts around the world. In addition, it has led to unethical mining practices. Scientists have invented ways to create gemstones like diamonds in laboratories using carbon. Such diamonds are equally appealing when set on a piece of jewelry like an engagement rings. But why should you settle for the lab-grown and not the mined? Here are the valid reasons why you should consider the pieces of jewelry made from such gemstones.

Supporting Ethical Sourcing

Laboratory-created diamonds are sourced legally, unlike mined diamonds, whose sources can be questionable. A gemstone, like a lab created diamonds, is created in a controlled environment. This eliminates the need for competitive mining, which at times leads to conflicts. This sourcing method also addresses serious concerns like labor exploitation. Therefore, choosing jewelry made from artificial gemstones supports ethical sourcing. 

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Promoting Conservation of the Environment

Traditional mining leaves the land damaged. This happens from the deforestation that occurs where the mines are located. The miners also dig open pits or underground tunnels, which can take years to restore itself to its previous state. This practice causes habitat destruction. In addition, the mines need a lot of water, which can affect local water resources. Choosing artificial gems promotes environmental sustainability. 

High Purity and Quality 

By choosing lab-grown diamonds, you will be getting high purity and quality. This is because they are produced in an environment where temperature and pressure are carefully controlled. Controlling the elements creates fewer impurities and defects than those found in natural diamonds. Technology like chemical vapor deposition also leads to the creation of pure diamonds. There is also consistency in quality, meaning that the pieces you will buy from the manufacturer will have an almost similar sparkle. 

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Access to Variety and Customization 

Buying jewelry made from these gemstones gives you access to a wide variety of options. This is because the way they are made allows for precise manipulation, which gives diamonds specific characteristics. The technologies behind the manufacturing process can also be adjusted to produce different outcomes. These lab-grown ones can be produced in a range of shapes and sizes, making it easy to find jewelry that fits your styles. 

Curbing the Demand for Mined Stones 

By choosing an artificial gem like thelab created diamonds, you will be curbing the demand for mined ones which raises conflicts. Less demand for this natural resource will also mean less pressure in mining, which is beneficial to the environment. It’d be best to research the company you are about to buy your diamond jewellery from to determine if they truly adhere to the use of artificial gemstones before buying from them. 

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Your jewelry, such as an engagement ring isn’t a must to be made from natural diamond. This is because insisting on that leads to a huge demand for this natural resource. Unfortunately, the huge demand causes conflicts, exploitation, and destruction of the environment. Choose the artificial stones and get a sparkling gem from a more responsible and balanced industry. 

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