KeepABit Review 2021 | Everything You Need to Know About This Exchange Platform!

I found KeepABit exchanging platform while reading reviews and researching the best-exchanging platform for new exchangers in the game.

While browsing the site I found that KeepABit believes that digital currency is the future and it’s their central goal to see that anybody — anyplace — has simple and secure admittance to Bitcoin and Ethereum. They consider cryptocurrency to be the plethora for making an open monetary framework around the globe. With plenty of administrations and an instinctive UI, KeepABit is gaining acceptable ground in its main goal by making a platform that is extraordinary for new exchangers and some that have experience in the field the same. Added to that a scope of payment alternatives and for the most part reasonable charges and there’s little to loathe about the platform so we should get into it.

The platform is super beginner-friendly, simple to utilize, and offers an enormous scope of crypto sets, inventive items, highlights, fewer expenses, and responsive client assistance. I know these are all the good qualities that I have so far talked about. Every platform can get some constructive feedback for improvement and yes, I have some for this exchanging platform too. I will talk about the negative points later in the review.

In my KeepABit review, I will evaluate the platform’s key highlights, its administrations, and my encounter so you settle on an educated choice before you choose to make an account.

While I intend to give you precise data, I firmly propose that you visit their site to keep updated with any progressions that may happen subsequently.


•   Includes the top cryptocurrency

•   Multiple digital currencies

•   Easy-to-utilize interface

•  Market news


• Less education material

• Only English Dialect

• Only Australia & Estonia phone support service

Is KeepABit regulated?

YES! is owned and operated by Tactive Pty Ltd., an Australian company, with registration number ACN 640 555 764, situated at 57/12-16 Berry Street North Sydney NSW 2060 Australia, with AUSTRAC digital currency exchange license number DCE100709736-001and Independent remittance license number IND100709736-001.

Advanced exchanging platform

At its heart, KeepABit is an agent for buying cryptocurrency exchange platforms. I think the individuals who are simply beginning with crypto exchanging, all things considered, can easily buy their first Bitcoin by means of the KeepABit representative or at any rate, know about the platform while doing their exploration. I love that the organization is noted for its standing, cordial UI, and showcasing assistance towards new clients. The fundamental contrast between the specialist and the exchange is that you are exchanging straightforwardly with KeepABit and no different brokers in a live commercial center. It is one thing I looked forward to on a platform and KeepABit has made sure of it.

exchanging platform

KeepABit clients have access to a high-level exchanging platform with a wide range of specialized highlights, for example, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Experienced clients will be acquainted with these top cryptocurrencies. I was new to exchanging as well and for me, the experience was very simple, and I didn’t at all feel overwhelmed by the platform. In fact, the playful color scheme was very comforting along with their user-friendly platform. What I dislike about the interface was that they only offer English dialect which is a little disappointing.

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Registration, Login, and Account Verification

To purchase cryptocurrency utilizing, I had to confirm my identity and add a bank account. I noted that clients should be in any event 18 years or more. There are no expenses to make or keep a KeepABit account or wallet.

I was also asked to give a substantial email address, cell phone number, some personal details, Government or state-given ID, driver’s permit, visa or identification card, and link a payment technique. KeepABit will continue to verify the given email, the telephone number to finish the registration. The ID confirmation measure as a rule takes less time than I expected to finish once the documents have been accurately transferred.

Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency

The platform offers Bitcoin and Ethereum two of the biggest cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged with currencies such as AUD, USD, and EUR. The process to exchange is extremely simple. As you will see on the main page you just had to select the amount of BTC or ETH you want to buy and the payment for it in any currency as mentioned will be displayed.

The order passage window has two alternatives to purchase and sell for the chosen coin. Clients can choose the recurrence of the exchange which can either be a one of procurement (or sell) or repeating order. I found that periodic purchase orders are an incredible route for new exchangers in the first place, a limited quantity, and building a situation over the long haul while eliminating the pressure of taking a look at the price each day.

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Clients can enter in the measure of fiat money to spend, review the order and continue to put a purchase/sell request with the bank wire transfer.

Is KeepABit Safe?

KeepABit Safe

KeepABit is perhaps the most secure spot to purchase and deposit advanced resources utilizing their online wallet. The trade highlights ‘bank-like’ safety efforts to guarantee client assets and individual data always remain safe. In view of my examination, there have been no detailed hacks or bargains of the security frameworks and web wallets bringing about any deficiency of assets because of crime. The platform follows extensive policies like AML/CFT statement, Refund & Cancellation policy, Privacy policy, KYC policy, and most importantly the terms and conditions.

KeepABit safety efforts include

•  98% cold storage of all client funds

•  Bitcoin is situated in safe store boxes and vaults around the planet.

•  Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on all accounts  

•  Strong security culture and association measure


KeepABit offers all the major support administrations. It goes along with Live Chat, Phone, and email support. I don’t like the fact that the platform only offers Australia and Estonia the phone service. It definitely needs to broaden its horizon. The email service was sometimes slow when I used it. The phone was quick with a solution, but the waiting line was too long. At last, what worked best for me was the live chat. It was quick and had the appropriate solutions for me.

Nonetheless, the platform accounts for telephone numbers that clients can call to ask for assistance at any time.


Probably the greatest factor that neutralizes KeepABit is its simple fee structure. While the issue is steady across various opponent administrations as well, others like KeepABit are much less expensive.

Likewise, in contrast to a portion of its peers, KeepABit carefully clings to guidelines. While from one perspective this makes the platform more secure, on the other it likewise makes it inadmissible for anybody wishing to ensure their namelessness. KeepABit is legally required to recognize its clients, who will be required to pay charges on their crypto exchanges according to local law. This makes the platform off-limit for clients who use crypto since it was intended to be a decentralized and unknown route for managing exchanges.

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KeepABit Security

KeepABit Security

Security is quite possibly the main factor in having the option to consider yourself the best digital money exchanging platform. KeepABit offers the accompanying security upgrades for client accounts:

1. Two-factor verification – clients can empower 2FA. This adds an additional layer of security when signing on.

2. IP address affirmation on withdrawals – clients can only allow withdrawals that are mentioned from a specific IP address.

3. Withdrawal affirmation state – clients should enter a phrase set up at a previous date to handle a withdrawal.

4.  Users can demand an email be shipped off them when their account is signed onto. Accounts will be frozen if dubious action happens.

5. KeepABit professes to store 99.5% of clients’ digital money in cold storage, multi-signature wallets.

6.  KeepABit has different safety measures to secure against a dispersed denial of administration assault.

7.  The client data information base is backed up and put away at numerous off-site areas.

8. The platform obviously follows AML (anti-money laundering policy) and all clients have to adhere to it.

9. The registration can be a little time taking because clients will need to agree to terms and conditions and KYC policy.

Last Comments

KeepABit is a simple-to-utilized cryptocurrency exchange platform that highly esteems its administrative consistency, which is the source of the two its special qualities and shortcomings. While the platform’s spread for crypto exchanges is tantamount to its peers, its charges are always lesser compared to other exchanging platforms.

Furthermore, the platform will draw in new clients who need to fiddle with digital currency without issue. On the off chance that you do your due ingenuity, KeepABit can be a moderate mechanism for buying crypto with your fiat money. Its low spread will urge modest brokers to get a taste of the platform. I love exchanging with the platform because I feel so secure with them and I will continue to exchange with KeepABit.

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