Iron-Bits Review 2021 – What Makes This CFD Platform Unique?

You may ask any trader; a strong and valuable forex platform can improve things greatly in the trading business.Iron-Bits is a CFD platform with extraordinary tools and features. It is intended to help informal (new traders) investors with making educated and informed trading decisions using innovative tools and charts for analysis. Iron-Bits offers features, for example, customizable charts, education, as well as account managers, VIP sessions, and webinars. Read my detailed review of Iron-Bits to get to know what this forex trading platform really has to bring to the table.

About Iron-Bits

Iron-Bits is a great forex trading platform intended to provide services to new traders and even expert traders investors. All traders get to have options with the vast variety of assets available like Stocks, Crypto, Indices, Forex, and Commodities. The platform offers an adaptable interface that guides new traders educated analysis with the help of the tools and price chart. Besides, Iron-Bits upholds chart trading for super quick request execution.

I think becoming accustomed to Iron-Bits can take some time and practice, yet the platform is all around pretty well designed and makes trading simpler for active traders. One thing that enticed me towards the platform was the assortment of account types. Unlike many other trading platforms that I have experienced with Iron-Bits, I observed that the account types were an upgraded version to make sure that all kinds of traders are able to trade and learn with Iron-Bits.

What are the features in each account type?

Iron-Bits offers four account types: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. Now, each account type holds certain features. For instance, the Silver account type will hold minimum features to accommodate the new traders who do not have much knowledge about trading. While the VIP account holds the maximum features compared to the rest of the alternative account types. I will discuss each account and what features they hold so it becomes easy for you to pick the one that suits your trading skills.  

Silver Account Type – (Deposit: 250+ Euro)

As I have mentioned above, this account type holds the minimum features for the new traders who do not know how to trade and are looking for a way to get accustomed to trading. The features this account holds are over 200+ tradable assets, Market reviews, and significant leverage up to 100.

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Since I have some experience in trading with online platforms, so I was looking for an account type that offered more features. But this account type is perfect for new traders because they get to trade with over 200 assets. Not only that but the new traders also up to date market reviews to increase their understanding and awareness of the changing market.

Silver Account Type

Gold Account Type – (Deposit: 10,000+ Euro)

This account type I would say is more appropriate for someone who knows how to operate an online trading platform. So, you will be getting better withdrawal speed. Tier 3 trade room analysis, monthly webinars, special venture promotions, Gold spreads, leverage up to 200, risk management, and financial planning.

There are so many upgrades in this account type that it feels like the perfect summations of all the features at a lower level. As you will see the rest of the two account types hold the same yet upgraded features. With these account types, there is a considerable amount of education being provided to make the best-informed trades.

Platinum Account Type – (Deposit: 50,000+ Euro)

Some additional features that this account type provides are platinum spreads, leverage up to 300, trading signals, upgraded trade room analysis, and withdrawal process. The webinar with this account type is weekly.

I have been using this account type from the start when I first joined the platform. I instantly knew that this account type suited my skill set and I have taken great advantage of all the features in this account type. Everything is faster and smoother with the Platinum account. They even provide more seasoned account managers and more advanced education material with very informative trading sessions and analysis of the market.

VIP Account Type – (Invitation only)

As the title of this account, type demonstrates that it is for the VIP people and can only be accessed if someone invites you to it. This also happens to be the most advanced account type than the rest of the category. With VIP spreads, Leverage up to, complete access to webinars, access to VIP lucrative events, complete access to trade room analysis, and top priority withdrawal process, meaning the withdrawal of these clients will be handled first and foremost.

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The Innovative Chart

Iron-Bits is intended to offer a real-time chart for market price information. The platform changes conventional price charts to empower you to perceive how liquidity and cost interact. Iron-Bits’ layout focuses on a specialized chart that refreshes time intervals from 1m, 5m, 15m, 30m, 1h, 4h, 1D, 1W, and 1M for each asset that you want to trade.

The chart is a very necessary part of the trading platform. I wanted a chart that was very easy to read and analysis is crucial to make sure that I have the accurate profit to anticipate. To make analysis easy Iron-Bits provides specialized tools. This is the part that is exciting for all kinds of traders. Everyone loves using tools on charts to make sure that analysis is done right. Iron-Bits has introduced top-of-line analytical tools and has integrated those tools in the chart. Access to some tools also depends on the account type that you are using.

I liked that I could zoom in and out of the chart with the help of the bar at the bottom of the chart to see the bigger picture of my asset and the very close details of it. I did not really enjoy the dark blue theme when it came to the chart. The commendable part is that the price indicators are kept in somewhat brighter colors. For instance, the default chart type on the platform is candlestick and the colors of them are red and green in a neon tone to make sure that they are clearly visible. But those colors are dull in contrast to the background dark blue theme. I think the theme of the chart can be improved a lot better.

The chart incorporates several indicators, 5 distinct chart types, positions, closed position, deposit, statements, and even the option of funds. You can also sort your list of assets in terms of trending, change in %, and name. Basically, Iron-Bits give us a very easy and customizable chart for new traders to enjoy thoroughly.

Innovative Chart

Education Center

Education is very important for new traders to learn and practice trading. So, free clients don’t get the actual benefits of the education, but they do however get a very interesting and well-rounded collection of eBooks, FAQs, Glossary, and Asser index. All these things are available free of cost on the platform to give a glimpse of what the members will be getting once they join the platform. Let me tell you this, Iron-Bits is the only trading platform that I have come across that is very serious about educating new traders and providing the most advanced information to the advanced traders. I receive daily market news, weekly webinars, private sessions, risk management, financial planning, and so much more. The only thing that this platform does not include is the video lectures. I think that video lectures are very interactive and engaging. So, the platform can work on introducing this feature as well.

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How Does Iron-Bits Compare to Other Platforms?

Iron-Bits is extremely interesting in the manner that it presents charts and tools. The representations are amazing, permitting active traders to effortlessly perceive information liquidity and cost for the duration of the day. The chart is particularly decent since it gives an accurate look at the information. Most platforms do not focus on the trading chart and in that case, traders are unable to make the necessary analysis and end up with a loss. Iron-Bits considers the time and effort of the traders and has tried to ensure that losses are at the minimum.

The education center for the members is one that really is beneficial for the new traders. I experienced that a lot of the other brokers don’t even provide education material, private sessions with the account manager, market news, and much more. Iron-Bits has put a lot of resources into gathering accurate information so the clients, as well as the platform, stay ahead of the market.

Is Iron-Bits Right for You?

Iron-Bits is intended for stock, indices, forex, commodities, and cryptocurrency traders. With a revival pace of up to 200 assets, the product is best for all types of traders who can benefit from changes in prices at various price levels. In any case, it can likewise be helpful for new traders who want to use education material and decent trading tools and assets to get started.

I had a decent time with the platform. I will say that they need to improve a couple of things to make sure they stay ahead in the market. Overall, the platform is doing really great to make sure that all kinds of traders are being included and help is provided at all hours. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self knowledge only and this is not a recommendation. I cannot be responsible for any inconvenience that might occur trading/exchanging with this company.

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