RichmondSuper Review –Is this broker a scam? Get to know more about this Broker

RichmondSuper is one forex trading platform I have been looking to review for a while now. The way this broker manages to layout quality features on its server makes it stand out. The reason I can attest to this is that I myself have been associated with this platform for over two years now. I have been able to explore each of its characteristic features and evaluate the trading conditions that it offers.

RichmondSuper is surely changing the game and I realized this from the get-go. The way this market creator is setting itself up as a commission-free broker is why it is managing to progress. The brokerage expresses solidarity with the market norms by incorporating a well-organized education centre and innovative trading tools. Not only that, there is a market review being offered along with specialized and essential tools for CFD, stock, and forex trading.

Well-regulated brokerDiverse range of educational materialEfficient and responsive customer serviceSecurity for investorsMore than 200 tradable assetsLimited language selection optionsNo access to clients from the U.S.No visual/audio learning material No e-commerce method of payment

Why I Picked This Forex Broker?

The way each brokerage seeks to cater to the needs of their client by incorporating various procedures onto their servers is exactly how RichmondSuper has aligned a couple of highlights for itself. I found that each of them matched up to my criterion when it came down to the selection of the broker.

Dependability Factor – RichmondSuper has a strong administrative body that monitors the network of operations and this solid framework is modelled on certain guidelines that makes this platform reliable.

Reasonable pricing – In my previous experience with trading platforms, I found that the forex organizations charged me commissions that I were unaware of and this cost me greatly. Not only was I unable to make considerable profits owing to these charges but it also messed up my budget. However, with RichmondSuper I did not have to deal with any hidden charges.

Platform execution and trading tools – In order to avail the services of this platform, all you need to do is sign-up. Some of the best features such as security, education and online platform execution are present on this platform. You can presently set your account with your favourable conditions, use chart exploration and track positions and subsequently enter trades.

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Trading Conditions – Considering my experience as a trader, I was pleased to find that this platform was one of the better ones and the reason I was able to reach that conclusion was owing to the trading conditions that I was offered. There have been times when I have clicked on the purchase or sell button and the server has crashed. Either it unable to handle the load of operations in the open market or it isn’t accustomed to certain trade types.

It is hard to come by a platform that can set you up for the long run and is able to evolve with you. Even if you are a beginner trader, who is accessing this platform for the first time, you won’t find yourself lost. This is because the server is designed to incorporate all types and levels of traders and this is what makes it so inclusive.

In my experience, I have to come to realise the importance of the right kind of forex trading platforms and this is exactly why I sought to write a review. There have been times when beginner traders struggle to find their way through the market. Not only do they have to deal with fishy servers, but they also lose a lot of money just trying to come to terms with their trading requirements. So, instead of losing out on so much money and time it is better to choose a broker carefully.

While you may soon realise that it is hard to come by a platform that offers exceptional features all in one, there are certain elements that you should never compromise on. One of these is the security which is of foremost importance in the trading world.

RichmondSuper also had a number of discrepancies but they can be easily overlooked owing to their exemplary services. I would have preferred had they introduced any e-commerce payment method such as PayPal.

Trading Conditions

RichmondSuper Trading Accounts

One thing is for sure that when you set out with a new platform, it is always safer and smart to give it a trial run. The Trial account type is one custom-built for a trial run and with a minimum deposit balance requirement of $250, you get a standard account type which means that it is a spread-only account. You will find that there are no commission charges for this account and the trading expenses are remembered for your spreads. Even if you are looking to trade CFDs, this account with being able to get you through. I was pleased to find so many options within the simplest account itself. The account was also accessible for both expert and retail brokerages which is very accommodating. Either way, I wouldn’t credit this account to be the best but it definitely has all of the services that a beginner level trader would need. Traders with more experience will want to opt for the upgraded accounts as these accounts offer a wider variety of features. The upgrade to these accounts with diverse features does not require you to pay excess commission and the entry pricings are pretty reasonable.

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RichmondSuper strives to excel and this is exactly why it manages to build its server from the ground up. Each tool and feature that is incorporated does not sponsor a third-party chain. This platform is jam-packed with market analysis tools and it is these tools that allow the market to hand-off considerations about an asset.

Some of the tools that have been designated by the platform are:

  • Account Supervisor Opinions – Now you will have a variety of expert opinions to go through, rate and compare. These opinions will not directly influence your trade operations but they will allow you to understand the market a whole lot better.
  • Hedge Fund Activity – This was something I was completely unaware of when I first joined the platform. This is why I was glad to learn a lot from the driving hedge stock investment managers as their bits and pieces of knowledge allowed me to be able to assess this area of the market a lot better.
  • Insider Traders – Getting a follow-up on the major trade operations of inside investors in an organizationis another factor that can help you keep up.
  • Trading Analyst Recommendations – This allowed me to keep track of my favoured stocks and assess the deals that can work in my favour.
  • Traders Trend – Now if you are looking to build a significant profit margin, you will have to learn the significant trading patterns on RichmondSuper and other assets provided.
  • News Alerts – The asset value developments are something that you need to be constantly updated about. I like that RichmondSuper allowed me an option to set my alerts specifically.
  • News Trading Sentiment –Filtering out news buzz based on recent developments is possible using this feature.
  • Signals – The way RichmondSuper envelopes all of its features and interlinks them to provide the best of services is commendable. Signals merge other assessment tools to give the option for trading in a snapshot structure without having to leave your chart.
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The way this platform seeks to convey knowledge to its traders through exquisite designing of service features is why you will want to stick around. I have been able to learn a lot from this platform and the way it continues to evolve tells me that it has the ability to stand the test of time in today’s ever-changing market.

I would not want to extend my review to be too long by going over each of their features. But you can always sign-up for a trial account to assess for yourself. The features that I deemed important with respect to my level of experience and requirements, I have given my two cents on.

Specialized Tools integrated into the RichmondSuper server:

  • Daily Technical Analysis Levels and Ideas–This was something that you may not realise the importance of from the beginning but once you start trading, you will realise how convenient it is to get a daily e-mail from RichmondSuper brokers covering significant files, forex sets, and commodities.
  • Advanced Charting–Charting is one trade aspect I always experienced difficulty with but my broker, Jimmy Lynn helped me interpret the charts a whole lot better. His expertise allowed me to get a grip on trade analysis using the chart and I was able to use the technical indicators, 9-time intervals, Regular and Multi-Chart types, view 8 outlines without a moment’s delay, 5 Chart types (Line, OHLC, Spline, Scatter, and Candlestick) to assist with trading specialized examination.

My Last Comments

In the end, I would just like to state that RichmondSuper strives for success for its clients and this what makes the platform so welcoming to beginners. They can do more with respect to inclusivity by introducing more dialects on its server. Other than that, they seem to be on the right track and offer dependability to all their clients. There is a reason why I have chosen to stick around with them for so long as they offer a guarantee for their quality services.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation. I cannot be responsible for any inconvenience that might occur trading/trading with this company.

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