Buds Gun Shop Review: Everything You Need to Know

For most people, the first step to buying a firearm is to Google ‘gun stores near me.’ If that sound like you, then you’d be glad to learn about Buds Gun Shop. There are scores of online gun shops, but this one stands out thanks to its experience, vast inventory, and active community of helpful users.

Buds Gun Shop was launched in 2003, and has served millions of customers across the country. This store is not only virtual but actually has physical outlets in Sevierville, Tennessee as well as Greenville and Lexington, Kentucky. Buds Gun Shop is not only a store, but also doubles as a gun range. You can search for products from over 100 brands at this store. The list of brands include time-tested names like Beretta, Smith & Wesson, Heckler & Koch, Colt Defense, Uzi, and many others. The list of guns you will find at this store include rifles, handguns, shotguns, and long guns to name a few. Buds Gun Shop does not only sell firearms, but also accessories like bullets, magazines, holsters, optics, gun safes, cleaning supplies targets, knives, and more.You can also find the ever-popular 5.56 ammo here in plenty. You can choose from different payment plans including credit card, bank transfer, financing, and also layaway.

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There are discount deals at Buds Gun Shop that you can take advantage of to save some money. There  are also clearance sales that gives you the opportunity to get high-quality firearms at incredibly low prices. If you are in law enforcement, you stand a chance to get special discount deals when you buy from this store. To top all this, this store provides free domestic for most orders. You can actually get next-day shipping for most orders. To be eligible for fast track shipping from this store, you need to place your order before 12:00p.m. EST and pay with a credit card.

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Buds Gun Shop is 100 percent legal. If you order from this store, it must be shipped to a Federal Firearm License Holder before it is transferred to you. This store works with 15,000 FFL license holders across the country as its dealers. After you add a gun to your cart at this store, you need to choose a nearby FFL dealer and proceed to checkout. The dealer will usually perform a background check on you before passing on your weapon.

Another cool thing about Buds Gun Shop is that this is not only a store, but a community of gun enthusiasts. You can sign up to become part of this community and find answers to all firearm-related questions that are bothering you. You can also answer questions from other members of the community and accumulate points that give you a chance to win some exciting prizes.

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Buds Gun Shop offers a supplemental lifetime warranty on all its products. The warranty covers both new and used firearms bought from this store. If the weapon cannot be repaired or replaced, you will get store credits that you can spend on any other item.

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