What CV For An Experienced Executive?

It is not always easy to write a CV, especially since the position is quite delicate. For an experienced executive who means several years of experience, for example, you have to know how to summarize everything in 2 to 3 pages only. While to stand out, he needs a personalized CV that will also complement his LinkedIn profile. What CV for a senior executive, then? Here are our tips.

The form to adopt

If you have 10 years or more of experience in your professional career, it is tolerable that you have a CV of 2 to 3 pages maximum. But beyond this limit, your recruiter may wonder about your synthetic mind, which is a quality that you must surely have for such a position.

Like everyone else, your resume is your business card. You must therefore make sure of the appropriate form so that it is well-read by your recruiter. You must be very careful about the presentation and opt for sobriety. Above all, avoid bright colors. Also, you must write with a unique font while avoiding bold. And for more simplicity, you can also draw on the various downloadable online CV templates.

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Avoid extra spaces and watch out for spelling mistakes. And once finished, prefer the PDF format, because, for senior executive profiles, recruiters are even more demanding on formatting.

Experiences to indicate

Here, in the section on experiences, it is advisable not to dwell on your first posts. If you think some experiences are less meaningful than others, you can leave them out. The ideal is to focus on your last posts. Indicate the sector of activity, the workforce managed and the missions you have taken care of. If you can illustrate all of this with numbers, given that you are an experienced executive, that would be great.

Giving detailed and quantified information is a sign of your added value. You show that you have taken the height required to occupy a position of responsibility. And don’t forget the experiences you have gained in the last months before your job search, because it is very important for your recruiter.

Education and interests

If on a CV of a young graduate, the section ” training” must be well detailed, this is not the case for a CV of a senior executive. This does not mean, however, that it is negligible. Your academic background counts a lot in the recruitment process, regardless of the experiences you have acquired. It allows your recruiter to learn more about your personality.

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But if you have recently completed an MBA or MOOC, you can absolutely indicate it without hesitation. And it would be even better if you indicate the extra-professional activities that you have already carried out. These reflect your behavioral skills in business.

Also, to be able to get a job that suits you, you must write a well-detailed CV without overdoing it on training and interests. It all comes down to the competition you face.

What about skills?

To enhance your background, you must focus on your greatest areas of expertise. To do this, you should start by giving your CV a title corresponding to the position you are aiming for, such as “commercial manager, for example,” so that recruiters can more easily rank all the applications received.

Then, with each experience you list, try to provide details of skills you have acquired along with concrete achievements. The best is that you speak with numbers. If you’ve managed a team of 10 people before, it’s good for your resume to cite it. Bring a maximum of quantified information to your reader, who is the recruiter. This data will allow him to measure the extent of your skills and being.

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So bring specific information on what you have been able to implement during your various missions. Also, talk about how these missions for which you were responsible could have contributed to the progress of the company for which you worked. Explain concretely how you did to boost the company’s turnover or how you operated to change the marketing strategy of your group.

With that, since you are in a high position, speak inappropriate words. Forget useless catch-all words that add absolutely nothing to your CV. There is no need to abuse it. Wait for the day of the interview to prove to your future employer who you really are and that you have perfect interpersonal skills.

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