Search engine optimization helps you outperform your competitors on Google

Search Engine Optimization (SEO, search engine optimization) means the improvement of your business website visibility in Google search results. A well-optimized website thus attracts more contacts through your webpage, making it possible to get organic growth with Google. But is it worth it? How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

Search engine optimization and key areas

Search engine optimization is important for every business. When doing search engine optimization, it’s a good idea to keep three things in mind:

  • Be sure to use the “keywords” you choose often enough
  • Add enough content (text, images, videos) to your business pages
  • The plus is to get links to your business website from other sites, but this is not necessary

Search engine optimization and keywords

The most common challenge is to figure out the most important keywords, i.e. keywords. Words that should be used in the content.

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In many words, your customer searches Google for the services your business offers. It is therefore important to use words other than just the name of the product/service in question. These words, it is possible to use Google’s own tools (keywordplanner), as well as.

In many cases, your potential customers will use searches related to questions related to your service, such as “how to increase visibility on Google”. So most people don’t just search for the keyword “Search Engine Optimization”. Today, Google Advanced Search is also increasingly used. 

The most important keywords are found out with keyword research, which helps your company find out in which words your customers are looking for the products/services you offer. This allows you to do search engine optimization by using carefully selected words in your content and achieving better rankings on Google. At the same time, you will direct more customers to your website free of charge, So it is important for you to hire professional SEO packages Australia.

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Is Search Engine Optimization Already Alright On Your Business Website?

Search engine optimization can be kept in mind as you develop your site, but when optimizing for Google, the most important thing is to make sure the basic features of your business site are in order.

You can check the visibility of your business on Google by searching for the service you offer with generic titles. So don’t search directly by your business name because your customers use service names. All companies can be found under their own “brand”.

So if you do roof repairs and work in Tampere, you can do a search for “roof repairs Tampere”. The most important thing is to find it on the Google homepage, because only less than 5% of customers go to another search page. 95% of all users select the operator of their choice from the first page of Google search, or perform a new search and check only the results of the home page again. In local searches, such as our “Roof renovation Sydney” example, Google also brings local businesses to the map view. That’s why it’s important that your business also has a Google My Business account in good working order and up to date. Namely, an incredible number of purchase decisions are made through the map view. So make sure you find it on the first page of Google search!

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