How Long Do Copper Range Hoods Last?

CopperSmith Hoods are known for their high quality and durability, but how long do they last exactly? Copper has been known as a durable material for several decades now, and it’s no surprise that it’s built such a good reputation. CopperSmith, the leader in Copper products, offers an impressive lifetime warranty on all its hoods so that you can expect many years of trouble-free use. Read on to discover just how long these copper range hoods last and how they can help improve the air quality in your home or business.

The differences between Copper Range Hoods, SS hoods, and other materials

Since copper is a conductive metal, it’s naturally better than an SS or stainless steel range hood. Copper is an excellent conductor of heat and even resists corrosion over time, which means it doesn’t need to be repainted, refurbished, or treated like other types of metal for long-term use. 

Also, because CopperSmith uses thicker gauge copper in our range hoods, they offer superior insulation than other metals. This insulates your home from outside sources like street noise, barbecues, or air conditioners, making your home quieter and more energy efficient. Copper also heats up quickly and cools down just as fast- perfect for high-wattage cooktops, which often get too hot.

What to look for when buying your first range hood.

One of the most important aspects to consider when buying a range hood is the construction of the materials. Copper, because it has antimicrobial properties, is an excellent choice for those that are looking for protection against harsh odors and bacteria. Unfortunately, some manufacturers will try to get away with using galvanized steel containing zinc or aluminum instead. If you’re considering a different material, ask questions about how they compare in durability and efficiency.

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CopperSmith hoods also feature good heat transfer and can last much longer than their counterparts. For instance, one kitchen designer reports that his clients had their copper hoods installed over 15 years ago and still look brand new. The best part about owning a copper kitchen hood is knowing that your investment in your home extends beyond mere aesthetics or function; you have contributed to preserving our environment by making a safe, long-lasting purchase for your family’s health.

What you should consider before replacing your old range hood.

It may seem like the best idea to replace your range hood with a new one, but you should consider several things before you go out and buy a new one. One thing that could cause the need for a new range hood is if you have never cleaned it. This will make grease build up inside the fan, leading to clogs or fires. 

Your old hood may have been used for many years and will still work even if it’s not perfect anymore. You should always consult a professional before considering any major changes. Still, in most cases, if your old rangehood is working well other than the above problem, there is no need to change it! This also means that you should clean your range hood regularly to avoid developing this issue. 

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Another reason you might want to consider replacing an old range hood is if you live somewhere with extreme temperatures, such as a desert climate. Copper does better in humid climates, whereas steel does better in cold climates, so if the climate doesn’t suit the material of your current hood, this could be another good reason for replacement. 

The last point worth considering is price. Copper prices fluctuate from year to year, depending on availability, so it’s important to consider this when considering replacing something made from copper with steel because steel prices don’t fluctuate as much and are less expensive in general (meaning more bang for your buck).

Which kitchen upgrade will give you the biggest return on investment?

We all want a home that is beautiful and functional. Copper range hoods have become the standard in kitchens across the country. With traditional cooking, the surrounding cabinets and walls can be stained by grease splatters and have an unpleasant odor. 

The kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms in a house to renovate and typically offers the lowest return on investment. But when you install a top-quality, solid-copper, or stainless-steel range hood above your stovetop, your kitchen looks spectacular, safer to cook, and more energy efficient. Homeowners should also take into consideration their budget when making this decision.

When should you replace your existing rangehood?

Every ten years, your range hood filter needs to be replaced. If you don’t replace the filter for ten years, the cost of air cleaning will increase because there will be more particles in the air. The filters should also be replaced if there is a lot of grease and airborne oils or just anytime the range hood doesn’t look as clean as it used to. Copper filters last 3-4 years and can be easily replaced, so the average cost to maintain a range hood filter is only $30-$50 every ten years.

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Will it pay off in the long run?

The lifespan of your copper range hood can last a very long time, but some factors influence the lifespan. Keeping your kitchen cleaner will help to extend the life of your Coppersmith hoods by protecting them from discoloration, damage from repeated exposure to harsh chemicals, and lessening mold growth caused by porous surfaces exposed to water. One key factor determining how long your new CopperSmith Range Hood will last is which finish you choose for your hood. Each finish has an average lifetime proven over years of installation experience.

Is it worth getting a new range hood for your kitchen?

Whether a kitchen with a new range is worth it or not depends on the situation and circumstances. Generally, if the current range hood looks in good condition and only needs an updated style, it may not be worth spending on a new kitchen. However, if the kitchen is old and could use an upgrade that includes a new hood for better functionality and design purposes, then the cost of replacing it would be worth it.


It’s never an easy decision to replace your copper range hood, but remember that having a tarnished and dark-colored hood doesn’t just make your kitchen look bad; it also means breathing in harmful elements every time you cook. Investing in an updated copper hood is always better than running the risk of prolonged exposure.

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