6 Businesses You Can Start If You Have a Car

It seems that our world has become more and more unpredictable over time. Many find it difficult to find a job because of the high competition. Companies are reducing the number of employees due to the pandemic-caused crisis. Perhaps, the best thing one can do today is to monetize all the available resources!

Thus, if you have a car and a desire to earn money, it’s enough to start your own business, which can also grow into something bigger. So, we’ve decided to inspire you and came up with six ideas that require a minimum investment but will start to pay off rather quickly!

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Courier Services

In fact, most organizations require couriers, and you’ll notice that by looking through job offers on various platforms. Another way to search for orders is through special services that connect the courier and the customer. Some companies set an hourly rate, while others prefer to pay a monthly salary.

That’s not complicated: you deliver parcels or correspondence in your car, and the employing company pays for fuel costs and provides a fixed income. A flexible schedule is probably the main advantage of such a business, which students will certainly appreciate. 

Of course, such a job requires you to be truly responsible. If something happens to the cargo or you don’t deliver it on time, you’ll bear the losses then.

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City Tours

A super cool way to make money on a private car is to organize tours. You don’t necessarily have to live in a big city. The main thing is that the town has some history and you know places that make an impression on guests.

First, this job allows you to improve a bunch of soft skills from communication to public speaking and time management. Second, you can surprise people by showing them amazing locations, be it an abandoned theater (just make sure you are allowed to enter it first) or a cafe where local poets gathered decades ago.

Tours by car are much more comfortable for tourists, but this doesn’t mean they will watch everything from the window. You will conduct excursions, or you can also reach out to your friend who’s interested in this business. Plus, thanks to a car, you aren’t limited to one city but can find something worthwhile in the nearby towns as well.

Surely, a talented guide is a charismatic storyteller. You must be friendly and welcoming. To develop an exciting program, create multiple routes combined with walking and driving. 

You can make good money and who knows, maybe you will establish a tour company one day?

Relocation Assistance

Let’s admit it: we move rather often, given the fact many live in rented apartments. Of course, relocation is stressful as one should remember numerous boxes and make sure nothing is damaged or broken. Therefore, a professional will surely come in handy.

So, what does a turnkey relocation mean? The service involves dismantling furniture, packing cargo, transporting and lifting it to the floor as well as collecting furniture in a new place.

Likely, you won’t handle the loading alone, so why not find an assistant? If everything goes well and the number of orders increases, you’ll need to employ a team anyway.

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Another crucial question is where to look for clients? Post ads on social media and distribute leaflets in mailboxes. You can also place a sticker with advertising right on your car. This is the cheapest but most effective way. 

Teach Driving

You can work as a driving instructor both for hire and on your own. In any case, you must have a proven driving experience of at least three years. Certainly, the training car must be equipped with everything necessary. Therefore, chances are, you’ll become a regular client at the service station.

If you decide to work for a driving school, all the hassle of finding customers falls on it. The workload usually varies depending on the season, and the instructor’s schedule is known to be flexible. Therefore, you will be able to keep up with other activities, whether it’s watching F1 or attending cooking classes. At the same time, looking for clients on your own requires time. 

But this can be done without large investments, for example, through social networks and business cards. Initially, let the prices be a little below the market average. With a constant flow of students, a private instructor earns more than one from a driving school. 

It will sound obvious, but learning to drive requires patience and the ability to encourage all the students. Being well-versed in psychology basics is essential too.


  • Above average income;
  • Flexible schedule.


  • Frequent re-equipment of the car;
  • The number of clients typically varies depending on the season.

Personal Driver

Personal drivers usually make great money. But one needs an executive class car to work for a successful SEO or a wealthy businessman. Of course, it’s necessary to respect the chain of command, stay polite and monitor the cleanliness and technical condition of the vehicle.

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Note that this work involves an irregular schedule: you may have to go to the boss in the early morning or at night. So, it’s likely you’ll develop your own sleep schedule to keep up with the workload. Surely, the key factor is the relationship with the employer. If they are friendly, then the job will bring you both income and pleasure.


  • Good pay;
  • Opportunity to make useful contacts.


  • The need to be available at any time of the day.


Of course, we can’t help but include the most obvious job in our list. Taxis are always in demand, and they save time on finding customers. All you need is to conclude an agreement with the dispatch service and receive orders through a mobile app. Thousands of people work this way. 

The dispatch service charges a fixed fee or a percentage of the order for its services. So, it’s better to have an agreement with several companies at once.


  • Free schedule;
  • Lack of starting investments;
  • Possibility to combine this job with the main activity.


  • Rapid wear and tear of the car, repair costs;
  • Instability of income, often depending on the time of day.

To Wrap It Up

A long downtime has never been good for the car. So why not combine business with pleasure? The earning options listed above are a start to something more global, whether it’s founding a driving school, a tour agency, or a courier service. 

Yes, each of these thoughts isn’t new on the market, but if you bring something of your own and treat each client carefully, then you’ll be remembered and reached out to again! And since there’s practically no investment need, just take the first step and see what happens next.

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