What Makes the Best Online Coding Classes So Superior?

Nothing could be easier to understand than parents’ desire to enroll their children in computer coding classes. People need STEM skills and computer coding skills so they can shape the technology of the future instead of getting shaped by it.

However, parents who don’t possess these computer skills themselves may be in a bind; how can someone without computer skills identify the best computer coding programs? If this challenge speaks to you, please read on for some helpful tips to spot the best classes.

Coding Should Be a Game

Video games are not just play — they’re serious business today, as the industry is worth billions annually. Look for a summer coding summer camp that makes computer skills fun by showing kids how to create and program their own games.

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Each child will learn the necessary coding skills to make their own game and enjoy the sense of accomplishment this feat will impart. Plus, teachers embed gamification concepts into the class itself, so the same tricks that keep children playing games will instead be used to keep them hooked on learning.

Kids will have so much fun learning valuable video game coding skills that they won’t even realize they’re learning math concepts that underpin coding, like vectors, integers, or even trigonometry.

Pro Coding Languages Only

Kids should learn the most popular coding languages, so they have the tools to understand the languages used to build the platforms, apps, websites, and video games used by millions of people every day. Soft computer skills are wonderful, but they need to be complemented by skills that are directly transferrable. 

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Some computer programs for kids use Scratch as a basis to show young students what coding is like. This can be useful, but it’s better for kids even as young as seven to begin learning Python. Python is an actual coding language, whereas Scratch is a drag-and-drop program coders never use in the field.

Look for a program that teaches the following popular coding languages:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

Parents will feel confident their child has useful skills when they can write code in the same language that powers Angry Birds, Minecraft, Netflix, and more.

Class Size

As with any other subject, students learn best in small groups. Ideally, online class sizes should be capped at four, so there’s a maximum of your child and three other students. It’s also great if there’s no minimum requirement, so the program will go ahead as scheduled even if your child is the lone student.

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Small classrooms reduce the odds of disruption and help keep sessions orderly. Some of the best coding programs that teach kids how to create video games prefer hiring younger teachers who also grew up playing computer games and home consoles.

When both teachers and students share a love for video games, nothing can stop the sessions from being fun and productive.Most people don’t have advanced tech skills but know that they are what future employers will value. If you want your kid to have fun learning how to code video games from the comfort of your home, make sure to find a program that ticks off all the boxes described above.

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