How Do You Fix a Leaking Corny Keg?

There is no doubt that it is very exciting to have a home brewery or run a bar. It is great to produce a high-quality product, develop your business, and please your customers. Alas, the brewery business is not always as easy as it seems to be. Sometimes you face problems and breakdowns that need to be dealt with.

It is almost impossible to assure flawless functioning of the brewery equipment. So, be ready for a leak in corny kegs, malfunction in beer growler fillers, or temperature failure in refrigerators.

However, don’t panic right away. Everything can be fixed, it is just necessary to know what to do. So, every brewer or owner of a bar should be well prepared. 

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If your problem is a leaking corny keg, first of all, you should determine the location of the leak. Then, depending on the identified location you can fix your leaking corny keg using the following instructions, which are appropriate for different keg breakdowns:

  1. Remove the o-ring (gasket) which is a black rubber or silicone ring around the corny keg lid, and replace it with the new one;
  2. Remove the relief valve (it is placed in the middle of the corny keg lid), prepare the new valve putting the keg lube on it, place it in the lid, and screw it on tight;
  3. Press the poppet inside the post ;
  4. Take off the post, remove the old dip tube o-ring, and install the new one (the method is used when there is an around bottom leaking);
  5. Replace the post o-ring, which is located on the top of the post.
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Take into account that all methods of fixing your leaking corny keg require one common preparation. You need to relieve all of the pressure in the corny keg before starting the fix operation as compressed air is quite dangerous. If you’re still have some questions be free to connect Beverage Craft beer equipment company where you can find corny kegs for sale or any product you need to brew your perfect beer.

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