How To Score Good Marks In SBI PO Reasoning

Every year around 40,000 vacancies are filled in banks alone in India. A large number of candidates appear for the selection out of which most skilled candidates are selected to serve respective banks. Since banking is a tough job with a lot of technical and analytical ability, only the most skilled are selected for the job. SBI PO exams are coming near and unlike other bank exams they have one of the toughest reasoning papers, and with that in mind, let’s look at the most suitable ways to crack the SBI PO reasoning paper with ease. Download Entri for SBI PO video online classes.

Preparation for SBI PO Logical Reasoning

Main objective of Logical reasoning tests is to understand the logical and problem-solving capabilities of the candidates. This test will ensure to know the systematic and quick strategies used by the candidates. In other words, logical reasoning stands as a strong determiner of smart moves which will be adopted by the candidate.

The candidates need to require certain qualities to successfully attend the reasoning and data interpretation sections, need to understand the purpose of the question and pay complete focus on the problem in front of them. The candidates should be well versed with basic formulas and techniques and also possess the ability to logically assess the question and approach it systematically, and the most important requirement for cracking the reasoning questions is learn how to manage time effectively.

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Topics in Bank Reasoning

These are key focus areas from which reasoning questions come in most bank exams.

  1. Analytical reasoning
  2. Data sufficiency
  3. Data interpretation
  4. Logical reasoning
  5. Series Completion
  6. Logical Connectives
  7. Venn diagrams
  8. Seating Arrangement
  9. Syllogism
  10. Coding and Decoding
  11. Blood Relations

How To Prepare For Reasoning Questions

When preparing for the Bank reasoning exam, you need to have some strategies, tricks and techniques. Huddling through Bank Study Materials one after another and working hard everyday doesn’t help you much, it’s all about smart work and relentless practice.

Make a Timetable

For serious study you definitely need a time table, first put a timetable in place that will help you go through everything you need and do many revisions before the exam.

Practice everyday and Do Lots Of Previous Year Question Papers

Most important step in the journey of cracking bank exams is to have practice sessions for logical reasoning everyday. Schedule certain practice sessions every day to make the brain used to such patterns and structures of questions, so that it can easily understand and answer when time comes. Brain is a successful machine in understanding the pattern and once the pattern is understood it can easily answer the questions with ease and little time. Doing the maximum number of previous year question papers and mock tests will help in understanding how well you are understanding the patterns in logical reasoning and how quickly you are able to find the solution for it. 

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Learn Easy ones first

When you start preparing with easy ones there creates a momentum to go further, confidence is generated to study more, the brain begins to work more attentively and adapt to new patterns you are following. Whereas if you start with hard one confidence may be lost, disappointment may occur when you are not getting answers and also boredom starts to kick in. It’s a fact that the human brain loves winning and starting with an easy one will kick start the momentum. 

So, try out some easy ones first and grab your confidence and move towards harder ones.

Do More Patterns And Try To Integrate Smart Work

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To get familiar with reasoning question patterns candidates need to try out different and variant questions, go for different levels of puzzle from easy to hard. Then try the same with word pattern or blood relation. Don’t just stick with one pattern the whole day, try different ones. Mix it up. The reasoning is skill plus smart work, it is always how smart. the brain comes up with a solution. Brain needs to understand structure and pattern for every question.So, you need to train your brain to work smarter each time, for that you need to practice daily, Try to find it out and follow a smart strategy.

Avoid quick Judgment Calls

You can find yourself excited sometimes when seeing a question,  and it’s possible you may make quick judgments and think the answer is as you think. But it’s good to take time to think and get answers using different strategies. Also make sure that you are stuck finding an answer. Be aware of time.

Logical reasoning is an Important part of every bank exam, but that doesn’t mean you give it more priority than other subjects, there needs to be a fine balance where you can also bring other subjects to study as well. 

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