5 Benefits of Building Home Extensions at Higher Levels

With a growing family and changing priorities, you might need some extra space in your house. While for many homeowners, a ground-level extension is the first option, the first and the second story extension with Cameron Construction can serve as better ones. 

It is often a better idea to extend your home upwards than outwards. This way, you can use all the ground space and still have some dedicated additional rooms or common areas to accommodate your growing needs. 

One important consideration before you begin high-level extension is to check for feasibility and permissions. You need to be sure whether your home structure can support these additions or not. Also, seeking and adhering to height permissions from the state authorities is inevitable.

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These considerations can be easily handled by professional and experienced builders. They will ensure completely legal, aesthetically appealing, and highly functional extensions with multiple benefits.

Additional living space

Whether you are building an extension or remodeling, your contractors often ask you to leave the house for some days. Moving out can be taxing, especially, if you do not find a comfortable place that suits your lifestyle and needs to relocate.

However, if the construction work is happening on a completely different and isolated floor, you can continue living in your house and enjoy the perks. You can use extra floor space to gain the same benefit for future remodeling.

No compromise with the outdoor space

Why compromise your garden or yard area to extend your home? You can get it to build on the first or second floor and retain the outdoor area. Outdoor spaces are a great amenity that is often not available in many homes, especially given the shrinking land areas in various countries.

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If you have one, you can use it for greenery, a pool, or a play space for your kids and pets. By moving extensions to higher levels, you can get extra living space while enjoying this privilege.

Amazing view

What is the benefit of living in a picturesque location, if you cannot relish the view while cooking or from a comfortable couch? The ground floor often does not allow this amazing and relaxing facility as the view is obstructed by neighboring constructions.

From a first or second-floor extension, all you need to do is open the window and feel the ocean and mountain breeze in your house. You get the most of the astonishing and breathtaking views from higher floors.

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External aesthetic

When you extend your house outwards at the ground level, the original shape and aesthetics are compromised. You often have to adjust with the space that is available around and end up with an uneven and unappealing exterior of the house.

When you take the extension upward, you can retain the artistic of the structure and replicate it for the extension. It helps you elevate the charm and allure of your property as you also get more living space.

High-value for the property

Additional spaces are always more valued when it comes to having a quick house sale. If you land in such a situation an additional floor extension can attract significantly higher deals and more buyers.

High-level extensions make your house more spacious, maintain aesthetics, and also work exceptionally well even in tight places.

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