6 Tips to design the best granny flats for comfortable living for elders


Retirement living is one of the most important considerations for people getting older. While you can find numerous options in the form of retirement houses and societies, nothing is better than living with your loved ones. With changing times, especially after surviving a massive pandemic like COVID-19, people love to stay and spend maximum time with their near and dear ones. For that reason, granny flats in Victoria are gaining popularity exponentially in the present times.

These are incredible extensions to your existing homes that provide excellent comfort and liberty to the elders. These flats allow your kids to live under the unconditional love and able counseling of their grandparents. Elders also feel elated when they live independently yet are surrounded by their loving family. However, you need to keep certain elements in mind to build an ideal granny flat.

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Factors to keep in mind to build an ideal granny flat

Space maximization

Granny flats are built as an extension to the existing house and often end up looking small. However, this should not necessarily be the case. You can make them look and feel more spacious by playing with a few simple ideas. For instance, choose big rooms and minimal corridors and opt for high ceilings. You can make maximum use of the space by clearly design storage and using glass to make the space look big and bring the outside in.

Make a difference with decks

One reason for most granny flats being smaller in size is the limitations imposed by the governing authorities. In many states, construction laws and councils limit the size of these flats. However, often these limits do not apply to outdoor spaces. You can create wide decks and connect your granny flats to these to make them feel more liberated.

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Go for the best view

A great view from your favorite room can make all the difference in your house. This applies to granny flat designs as well. Take a moment to decide where each room should face, maybe the garden or the main house. Consider the sun’s falling direction. Pick the best view especially for the bedroom or the room where the elders are likely to spend the maximum time.

Ensure privacy

Maintaining privacy is imperative for both you and your elders. It is often difficult to limit interference when you and your parents are living in the compound. You can use design elements and thoughtfully decide the granny flat’s orientation, window and shade placements, etc. You can also use sound-proof material for the rooms that might share a common wall.

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Use sustainable design

Sustainable design not only reduces the expenses on energy consumption but also delivers natural comfort and boosts overall health. You can use several design elements to make your granny flat sustainable. You can choose the orientation that allows sunlight in winters and provide shade in summers. Building high ceilings, high vents, and proper insulation on the external walls and ceiling are also effective to achieve sustainability.

Enhance accessibilities

One of the main reasons to have a separate flat for your aging loved ones is to give them independence. This can only be achieved if you choose designs that allow them to safely and comfortably move around and do their daily chores. Installing wide doorways, entrance ramps, and fitting handrails in the bathroom are some ways to enhance accessibility.

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