Finding loans in the Philippines with UpFinance

Find hassle-free loans online through UpFinance

In today’s fast-paced life, financial problems frequently happen to all of us. Unfortunately, not everyone has a rainy-day fund to deal with unexpected expenses, such as sickness, late paychecks, and bills that are due. Such cases make us always have to find a source of cash quickly. Luckily, there is always a solution: a quick loan online. As the name suggests, a quick loan is an unsecured loan that you apply for, get approved, and get the money within a day or within a few days. After that, borrowers can use the money for any purpose they want.

An online loan is a form of unsecured loan or mortgage that the borrower does not need to go to the bank to apply for. You can easily create an online loan application at home at any time through the website or online loan application. The loan application will be assessed immediately, and the approval status will be notified to you at the same speed.

Banks, personal finance companies, or financial technology companies usually provide quick online loan services. These loans are designed to cover an urgent financial need for budgeted or unestimated expenses. And this kind of service has been flourishing in the Philippines for quite a while now, with tons of options to choose from, making the decision a bit tough to reach. Thankfully, UpFinance has come to the rescue as the perfect solution for you to find a loan that fits your personal circumstances the most.

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Why you should get loans online

Most people get loans online to meet their spending or to deal with unexpected emergencies. But the process of getting a loan can be a real hassle. As a result, online loans are becoming more and more popular in the Philippines because of the following reasons:

  • Convenience: This is the most prominent benefit of online loans. You can conveniently apply for a loan online anytime, anywhere.
  • No face-to-face contact: The online loan application approval process is completely digitized. That means you can borrow online without having to meet the tellers in person. This feature is very suitable to help you avoid crowded places during the pandemic.
  • Simple and fast processing: The loan application is registered through the website or online loan application, so the process is straightforward and swift.
  • Minimal documentation needed: You can apply for a loan online with just your ID card and household registration book.
  • Instant approval: Your online loan application is assessed immediately to see if your application is approved.
  • Fast disbursement: With a quick approval process, the speed at which you get your money credited to your account also increases. Your loan will be given to you on the same day or within the next few days.
  • A 24/7 source of money: After you get your money, it is always available for you to use whenever and wherever you want.

Get to know about UpFinance

UpFinance is a convenient and easy-to-use website that lists out all kinds of loan services available near you, wherever you live in the Philippines. The site is operated by a team of financial experts who are always updating new information for you to reference and find the best loans with great terms for your specific needs.

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UpFinance has also partnered up with many big names in the financial industry in the Philippines to deliver customers an extensive collection of offers that you can’t find anywhere else on the Internet. These partners include:

  • Banks: Home Credit, AUB, Marayo Bank.
  • Cooperatives:Paglaum, GataDaku, San Jose Koop, ACDI.
  • Insurance Сompanies: Sun Life, Manulife, Cocolife, Philiam Life.
  • Investment Companies: Bukas, Seedbox, Central Bank of the Philippines.
  • Online Payday Loan Companies: AEON Credit, UpLoan, MetroQuicash, Cash Mart.
  • P2P Platforms: LEND, Kiva, Rykom, Bitbond.
  • Pawnshops: Palawan Pawnshop, Cebuana Loan, Reymalyn Pawnshop.

How to use UpFinance

There has never been a more convenient and straightforward website that you can use to find the right loans for you like UpFinance. The team at UpFinance has created an intuitive Calculator function that you can use to filter out the huge number of options and arrive at a few, highly compatible loan services that are nearby and come with great loan terms.

Simply use the “Amount” and the “Term” sliders at the beginning of the page to select how much money you want to take out as loan and how long you want the repayment period to be. Note that the shorter the term is, the higher the interest rate will be. Therefore, if you are not in an emergency, longer loan terms are generally better for you.

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The advantages of looking for loan services on UpFinance

UpFinance sets itself apart from other loan service curator all over the Philippines thanks to the following advantages:

  • Quick approval: Get a loan up to ₱100,000 within the day or just a few days after your application has been approved.
  • A 100% online process: Submitting online documents without paper is easy without having to go to the bank.
  • Lifetime credit line: A personal line of credit from the services shown on UpFinance are available to you whenever you need it. When you pay, the limit will automatically recover for continued use.
  • Small loans available: You can withdraw in small amounts from ₱1,000 up to your available credit limit as many times as you want. Interest is only charged on the amount you have borrowed, not the amount spent.
  • Savings interest rate: Enjoy low-interest rates from 1.2%- 2.5% per month only on the amount you took out as a loan.
  • Flexible payment: Choose from a range of flexible payment periods depending on your ability to pay each month. Payment periods are available from 3 to 12 months, even up to 36 months.

All in all, UpFinance is renowned for its convenience and for being easy-to-use. This is the best option for anyone in the Philippines to not only find suitable loans but also to receive consultation from an expert team of dedicated financial specialists. Whenever you are unsure about how much you should loan and how long your payment period should be, UpFinance is always available to give you some much-needed pointers.

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