Fabrics and Their Selection for a Perfect Wedding Dress

It is the most exciting time for a bride when she starts hunting for her dream dress for her wedding. Even the simplest and most tomboyish girl loves the romance in the air and immerses herself in the world of designers, themes, and styles. Online stores like Silk World Australia are often the starting points of fabric research for brides.

For most young ladies their first snap is their introduction to a wide range of fabrics and related jargon. While some fashion-savvy girls would be familiar with the fabric names like chiffon and crepe, others are better with the cake vocabulary and find these names similar to those of some fantasy film characters.

The time between engagement and wedding is the most beautiful time for every girl. Her quest to find the perfect material and dress becomes a memorable story for a lifetime. You cannot spend this time getting intimidating and panicking with all those fabric names from the fashion industry. So to assist you in making the big decision here is a guide to popularly used bridal fabrics.

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Chiffon is one of the lightest fabrics and also a highly popular fabric option for bridal gowns. It is sheer which is why it is often layered with an opaque lining or used in multiple thicknesses to achieve the effect you want.

It is mostly paired with lace designs and is ideal for outdoor summer weddings. It gives you a light, flowy, and breezy look and keeps you comfy and fresh all night.


Crepe is a traditional bridal dress material that is made of fibers tightly wound together. Such construction gives it a bunched and crinkled texture with a matte finish. You can find crepe in lightweight, which is flowy, and in a heavier form, which is smoother in texture. Heavier crepe can be used to create structured patterns like satin and dupioni but has no shine and stiffness like these materials.

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Dupioni is a stiff and crisp fabric that is suitable for structured dresses which are designed with a lot of well-defined silhouettes with a sharp and clean finish. Dupioni is made from fine silk fibers woven tightly. Slightly uneven fibers run with the width of the dupioni fabric which gives it a textured finish and eye-catching luster. The material is best suited for light dress silhouettes for summer weddings.


Mikado is a traditional fabric that has been in trend for bridal dresses for many years. It is lustrous and heavy that makes beautiful drapes. The drapes are peculiarly smooth owing to the twill weave of mikado. Its shine is subtler than satin but slightly brighter than a crepe. If you want a flare with sophistication and less drama, mikado is ideal for you.

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If you want a mix of chiffon’s translucence and dupioni’s structure, your search would end on organza. Whether it is about evening gowns or bridal gowns, organza has been the staple choice in the industry for a long period. It is a crisp material which is why you can create a fuller volume by layering it without making the dress too heavy.


Satin is known for its highly smooth and blingy texture. Its unique weave makes it suitable for soft drapes with a perfectly smooth finish. It is a heavy material that makes for an ultra-luxurious gown that can turn every girl into a sophisticated princess.

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