Walton Chase Review 2021- Is it a viable choice for new traders?

Trading is a very old profession. Trade has been around for generations and the basic principle has stayed the same albeit the tools and techniques used to conduct trade have evolved. The tools used for trade-in the 21st century are based on the internet.

This new industry has branched out to the general consumers and has allowed them to trade in valuable assets themselves. This democratization of trade is the result of the formation of individual trading platforms that have allowed customers to access the international markets from anywhere in the world. There are millions of people around the world who utilize these online platforms and the tool they provide to make a living by trading with different financial firms. Suffice to say, online trading platforms have revolutionized the trading business and have promoted individual trading practices.

There are thousands of online brokering firms but only a handful are worth the initial investment to get started as a trader. As with most industries, there are bound to be bad apples within a bunch but that does not mean that all online trading platforms are not useful.

Take it from someone who spent their starting months looking for a trustworthy platform. I spent a good chunk of my early months as a trader just searching for trading platforms. I eventually found a firm by the name of Walton Chase and I have been using its tools and services ever since. The reason it took me so long is due to the lack of reviews about different competitors in the industry and it made it a lot harder to choose. It is also the reason why I am writing this review in the first place so that you as a beginner or seasoned professional can understand how to navigate the online platform and be able to utilize the wide variety of tools at your disposal.

When choosing a trading platform you need to keep a few factors in mind before making a decision. There are different types of trading firms and each has its benefits and drawbacks. The reason I am relaying information about Walton Chase is because of its consistency. There will always be better trading platforms in terms of advanced systems but the primary deciding point is always how much a firm has managed to be consistent when it comes to servicing its customers. There are trading platforms that rake in a ton of revenue but it is not always because they are serving their entire customer base. Many reputed firms have a history of serving only the most exclusive clientele and the rest are treated as secondary users.

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What you need is a firm that is known to provide even opportunities to all their customers. One of the very few trading platforms that are designed to service all customers equally is Walton Chase. This is a financial trading firm founded based on equal opportunity for all traders. It serves all types of traders from diverse backgrounds. They have servers positioned in the financial hubs of the world. I wish I had known of Walton Chase at the time I started trading online because while there are obvious discrepancies in their beginner section, the firm has made efforts to promote new traders who are just entering the marketplace.

Here are the main factors that make Walton Chase the best option for your trading business.

  • Security
  • Assets
  • Customer care service
  • Reliability
  • Account access


Trade involves exchanging of goods in the form of assets and this is done via transactions between two parties. The transaction information is securely stored on individual servers and most platforms have this feature. However, technology is an ever-evolving phenomenon and as internet crimes get more complex, the trading industry has to keep up with the technology as well. If a trading platform does not prioritise security then it is vulnerable to external attacks in which hackers can obtain personal and sensitive business information and data. This is why a secure trading system is an absolute necessity when it comes to a connected platform. A system is as strong as its weakest link and if a trading platform does not upgrade its system every time a new internet crime is committed then it is dangerous to trust such a platform.

Walton Chase is known in the industry as an aggressive upgrade firm. It regularly updates its systems to stay a step ahead of internet hackers and ransomware software. This allows them to keep their customer’s data secure and make it practically impossible for third parties to gain access to any sensitive information without the approval of the user itself. Even then the verification system is intense and can only be cleared by the owner of the account. When I first started trading online, the only reason I kept switching platforms was because of the lack of transparency the first couple of firms showed. They did not keep up with technology and their systems were prone to outside attacks. This is why people should utilize a trading platform that has a history of keeping their systems secure for any possible attack by constantly keeping their systems updated.

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Assets are the lifeline of a trading platform. There is no point for a trading platform to exist if it does not have access to all the latest assets available for trade on the open market. This is why Walton Chase takes no chances and simply gives their customers access to almost 200 tradable assets including the crown jewel of assets known as Cryptocurrencies. Apart from this exclusive asset, Walton Chase also offers its users the ability to trade in forex, indices, commodities and stocks. Even though I would have preferred had they introduced a more diverse range of Indices collections, I am hoping the platform upgrades them sooner.

Back to cryptocurrencies, it is vital for you as a trader to have access to this asset even if you are not interested in it. When you do become a professional trader, you are going to want in the crypto craze because it is the future of the financial system.  While Walton Chase only supports a handful of cryptocurrencies, it is reported that the company is planning on inducting more cryptos for trading purposes once they stabilize like the rest.

Customer Care Service

An important feature of every trading platform is its support for its customer base. Walton Chase has a team of experts sitting on standby waiting for the call of any of their clients. The service team has been trained to solve any issue regarding the services provided by Walton Chase. I found myself in a situation where I required assistance regarding my account accessibility. Within the span of a few short minutes, my issues were resolved and I had their support team to thank.


Online trading is superior to other forms of trade in every way. However, the one sector where it fails to keep up with other techniques of trading is reliability. Online trading requires support for multiple countries and regions to work effectively. Traders are always moving around and they cannot afford to switch platforms to accommodate for the lack of accessibility in different regions of a particular platform. This creates an unwanted situation where users have to maintain multiple accounts in different trading firms to ensure that they do not miss out on any opportunities since many trading platforms do not support cross-regional support.

Funny thing is that when I came across Walton Chase I was in a different region that was not its home base. However, I was able to sign up because they already had an array of servers set up in different countries to make sure that their customers did not suffer from any unwanted blackouts regarding account access. I was lucky to find Walton Chase because most platforms were reluctant to provide such support.

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Account access

I chose Walton Chase because of its policy to treat all of its customers fairly and they have held up this promise so far. While the different types of accounts give access to different tools, the primary assets remain consistent across the board. The only difference between the different types of accounts is merely the capacity at which you can trade. Beginners almost always start small and are less likely to choose the gold or platinum categories whereas it is the exact opposite for professional. However, every customer can buy these accounts regardless indicating that the firm believes in equal opportunities for all.

Final argument

I can speak for myself when it comes to Walton Chase, as I am someone who acknowledges the few issues that you might have to face when starting but you will soon realise that these issues are found across almost every trading platform. Walton Chase is a firm that will look after you when you start and has the tools you will need once you gain enough experience to join the big leagues. So, go ahead and get yourself an account on Walton Chase if you believe it to be worthy. Whether you are a professional or a complete beginner, the platform is well-suited for all types of traders.


This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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