What is a Liquid Solar Pool Cover for Heating Swimming Pools?

Are you interested in keeping your pool covered without using huge bubble wrap covers? If yes, you might want to consider the use of a liquid solar pool cover. Although plastic solar covers are great, using them can be really stressful. Due to this, many pool owners avoid using them.

What exactlyis a Liquid Solar Pool Cover?

Before going ahead to get a liquid solar pool cover,it is important you know what it is. A liquid solar pool cover is simply a liquid that forms mono molecular films. It also inhibits evaporation. This liquid is gotten when calcium hydroxide and a form of alcohol are combined. The substance gotten from this mixture is not as heavy as water. Due to this, it is able to create a film over the surface of the pool.

A liquid solar pool cover functions as a protective surface that keeps heat locked in for longer periods and reduces the rate at which water evaporates from the pool. Due to how thin this liquid is, it is impossible to feel or see it. Nonetheless, it is usually present in a pool of water and carries out its function.

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How safe are Liquid Solar Covers

Liquid solar cover contains some chemicals. Its chemical content, however, is very minimal. This implies that it does not pose any danger to anyone in the pool.

A lot of research has been carried out concerning the safety level of liquid solar covers. Accordingto these numerous researches, the content of liquid solar covers does not have a negative effect on animals, as well as humans. Furthermore, it does not harm the environment as it is biodegradable.

Although generally considered to be safe, the likelihood of something being sensitive to liquid solar covers exists. Going by this, although this substance is generally safe, certain people might be a little sensitive to it. Since there is a likelihood of being sensitive to a liquid solar cover, before going ahead to buy a significant quantity, you just might want to test it.

While the general safety of this product is great. Beyond just being generally safe, this pool cover is very unlike a plastic cover that has the likelihood of trapping children or animals beneath it.

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Beyond the chances of people being trapped, with a plasticcover, algae and bacteria can have a proper breeding area. When you make use of a liquid solar cover, not only will your pool get good coverage, the risk of being infested with algae and bacteria is slim.

Making Use of a Liquid Solar Pool Cover

Now that you know what a liquid cover is and how safe it is, you should know exactly how to use it. There is nothing difficult about using a liquid cover. While there are lots of beautiful things about this substance, one very beautiful thing about using it is you do not have to deal with rolling any material over your pool.

All you have to do when looking to make use of a liquid solar pool cover is get a bottle of liquid pool cover and shake it properly. Once you are done shaking it, follow the instructions it comes with and pour it into your pool according to the instructions.

Although you do not have to add it to your pool weekly, it is quite normal for a liquid pool cover to be added to your pool every week. Furthermore, to get the best out of the use of this substance, you will need to add 4 ounces for every 20,000 gallons of water.

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When adding this substance to your water, you can decide to pour it into the water directly or first put it in a skimmer.

When putting this liquid into your pool, to ensure the best distribution, you will need to keep your pump running.

Although it is okay to add a liquid solar pool cover to your pool every week, when dealing with extreme weather conditions as well as when your pool is used very frequently, you might need to apply the liquid solar pool cover more frequently than once a week. You should get the right results when you apply it two times every week.

How effective are Liquid Solar Pool Covers

The widespread use of liquid solar pool covers gives an idea of how effective they are. Although they do not function in the same way as solid covers, they do not come with the stress level associated with the use of a solid pool cover.

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