How to Reply to a Google Review: 5 Do’s and Don’ts

Over 70% of customers check Google reviews online when looking for local businesses! 

Reviews are a great way for businesses to interact and build trust with their customers.  Many companies use this Google review QR code to increase online reviews and allow customers to provide their immediate comments.

But it can be challenging to know how to reply to a Google review. You want to make sure that the way you respond matches the tone of your business and keep customers coming back. 

Not sure how to go about replying to a review? 

Don’t worry, this article covers everything you need to know about crafting a response. Here are 5 do’s and don’ts when it comes to responding to Google reviews.

How to Reply to a Google Review – 5 Do’s and Don’ts!

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When it comes to responding to a Google review, you’ve got to get it right. Responding to reviews shows you’re engaged with your customers. It can also boost your local ranking factors!

Let’s get into our 5 tips on responding to positive and negative Google reviews.

1. Do Reply Quickly

When it comes to reviews, time is of the essence. Responding quickly will show that you are always listening. It also demonstrates that you are acting on feedback, both positive and negative. 

But, you might not know at first how to respond to a bad review. So don’t rush it. Write out your response elsewhere first, so you can make sure it reads the way you intend it.

2. Don’t Avoid Responsibility

When something goes wrong, it is best to own up to it. Shying away from responsibility will frustrate and create distrust with your customers. 

When you receive a negative review, take the time to reflect on this information. Think about practical action points on how you can improve next time. Then use this in your response to show your dedication to doing better.

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3. Do Aim for Deeper Conversation

If a customer leaves a bad review, see this as an opportunity to learn more about their experience. Aim to start a 1-to-1 conversation in private to better understand their perspective.

If you manage to change their views, you could ask them to update their original review. Usually, people reading reviews won’t bother to read an entire thread. By asking the customer to edit the original review, the positive outcome is more visible. 

4. Don’t Forget to Sign Your Reviews

The added touch of signing your name on a response can make a big difference. It shows customers that you are a real person, and also makes your comments seem more genuine.

Make sure that you always take the time to thank the customer, by name if possible. Studies have shown that seeing our own name can activate our brain’s attention center. This makes your response more impactful.

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5. Do Use Keywords to Improve SEO

When writing your responses, try and integrate keywords relevant to your business. This makes your Google business profile SEO maximized. This helps Google to know what your business is about.

Adding your business name, location, goods, and services are great keyword choices.

It is important not to over-stuff keywords, otherwise, the response won’t read well. Try to find a balance between good customer service and SEO benefits.

Make Google Reviews Work for Your Business!

Now that you know how to reply to a Google review, you’re ready to start getting business feedback!

Remember, bad reviews present a great opportunity to learn and grow. Responding with authenticity and kindness will show that you care about your clients.

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