Facts you should know about Gin Alcohol

Spring is right around the corner.  Put those dark, heavy booze in the back of your wine cellar and bring out the gin, the springtime’s power fuel. Gin can adapt to whichever flavor profile fits you best. This aromatic liqueur may be ideal for sipping during warmer times. Let’s have some peripheral, as well as inside facts about gin and make sure if we are addicted to the right drink:

Mountain gin

One of the best quality gin, the mountain gin is made with a blend of eight botanicals, including pine needles foraged locally and mountain pepper berry. It boasts a clear, bright, and aromatic spirit with a mild spice and citrus base. You must try mountain gin at Garden Street Gin Club for the best ever taste and the most reliable quality of gin. Buy Jimmy’s Cocktails Cosmopolitan Cocktail Mix online in India at lowest price and get super fast home delivery with easy returns. Available in 250 ml.

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Flavor facts

The juniper berry’s delicate pine and gentle citrus flavors are the most prominent in gin. All additional botanicals are added to bring forth the intricacies of this sophisticated and nuanced flavor. 

A complete no to bathtub gin

This sort of gin has often been prepared in bathtubs by blending cheap grain alcohol with flavorings like juniper-berry juice and then allowing it to ferment and be distilled directly from the tub. Bathtub gin is not as sanitary as you may imagine; the obvious absence of restrictions resulted in a slew of diseases and even deaths.

Effects on health

The mild to moderate consumption of almost any type of alcohol, including gin, has a range of health benefits. It lowers and decreases the risk of heart diseases and other such issues, helps in regulating the blood pressure, and keeps it in control. Where light consumption of the same gives us these benefits, an overloaded and extreme consumption results in the risk of coronary artery disease, heart failure, type 2 diabetes, and ischemic stroke. 

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Texture and make-up

Gin is a flavored, distilled, clear to pale yellow beverage prepared from pure spirits derived from a grain mash and primarily flavored with the juniper fruit. 

First known gin ever

In 1731, the first reported gin and food combo was gingerbread and gin. A glass of warm gin and a gingerbread cookie was the perfect way to brighten up at London’s Frost Fairs, when the River Thames froze over, allowing courageous people to enjoy an afternoon of ice skating.

Comparison technique:

Ever wondered how different each flavor of gin tastes and wanted to compare it yourself? Well, you can do it by having them both at room temperature, diluted with an equal amount of water, as it is the ideal way to taste gins for comparison. This displays both strengths and weaknesses.

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Consumption around the world

It might sound shocking to some people but, the Philippines has the world’s greatest per-capita gin consumption, with a projected 25 million cases drank each year. As discussed earlier, gin or any other type of alcohol is not to be consumed excessively, and definitely not neat. 

All the possible facts stated would now help you decide what’s best for you, wouldn’t they?

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