What Tools Are Used for Fusion Hair Extensions?

If you are a beginner in the hair extensions industry, then you will certainly be interested to know which hair extension tools will be useful for you and which of them are better and more convenient to use.

Note: the toolkit required depends on the extension method. Today we will tell you what tools and supplies are needed for keratin bond hair extensions.

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What Tools Are Needed for Fusion Hair Extensions?

For hair technicians who work with keratin glue pellets the next hair extension tools are required:

Hair extensions iron connector with or without temperature control. 

In the latter, you can adjust the range of temperatures from 100 to 220 °C, which makes it easy to melt any kind of keratin glue pellets. The tips of such iron are covered with a special Teflon coating. This makes it possible to avoid the sticking of keratin glue to the surface of the iron.

Thermo-protecting disks with printed marks for the fusion method.

They are used as a template for perfect measurements and protect your clients’ locks and scalp from high temperatures.

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Pliers for forming and removing keratin tips.

They can be crooked and U-shaped. The crooked ones are used to remove extensions. This type https://iloveslavichair.com/u-shaped-pliers-for-fusion-hair-extensions is used to form tips during bonding of hair bundles or for re-rebonding hair extensions during the reapplication procedure.

Keratin glue to form the tips. 

It has various shades, ranging from standard transparent to black, brown and other colors. Colored Italian or gel high-melting keratin will help to create bonds of such a shade, that will be of the same tone as natural strands of the client and thus practically invisible on the head.

Keratin bonds removing liquid

This product should not contain oils or acetones that may have a negative effect on the natural hair of your clients.

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Of course, a hair stylist will also need the hair extension strands. We recommend working with Slavic or Russian hair, which is of high quality and is suitable for those girls with thin or medium hair.

To buy the best professional hair extension tools, visit the online store of Canadian company I Love Slavic Hair iloveslavichair.com.

This brand is a direct supplier of high-quality hair and reliable tools that most North American top stylists work with. Exactly what is needed to make your work easier and more convenient!

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