How to Optimize your Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Servers are to be an efficient and cost-effective alternative to a complete server. This is to be done by optimizing the resources on the VPS, which can be done by maximizing CPU & Memory usage. Here is how to optimize your virtual private server.

Choosing Hosting Provider

When choosing a hosting provider, the most important thing to check is how many resources are dedicated to your virtual server. This is the biggest impact on the performance of your VPS. If you have a higher requirement for resources, it can be a good idea to choose a provider which uses Xen Virtualization. Xen Virtualization is a feature that allows for better resource allocation among multiple virtual servers running on one physical server.

Selecting the Right OS

Each operating system can be optimized differently, but for gaming purposes, you should use Linux. Linux is known to be the most optimized OS for gaming, and all of the latest games are usually developed using Linux. The games can run smoother on your virtual server using this OS. To get the most out of your game play time while using this OS, use an SSD (Solid State Drive) that has greater than 100GB while installing your game files.

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VPS Hosting Fully Managed

When you are developing a website, you want to be able to trust your hosting company. According to Liquid Web, “To fully trust the hosting company, their servers are Fully managed VPS hosting who can ensure that your website is being hosted on a stable machine that does not have any downtime.” If the site has any issues, this administrator will fix it as soon as possible. These types of hosting providers are what most programmers need.

Choosing the Right Hardware

With CPU, you want to choose the one with the highest frequency. Faster clock speed means that the CPU can work on more requests at a time. See how much memory one core of your CPU can use up. That is usually good enough for your VPS needs since most of your VPS servers will be running on one core anyways to maximize performance and resource allocation efficiency. For GPUs, the only option is to go with NVIDIA for superior performance.

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Choosing the Right RAM

There are two different types of RAM, DDR3L RAM, and DDR4 RAM. Depending on whether or not your game needs it, you can use either one of these types. For games that do not need the maximum performance, you can probably just stick to using cheap DDR3L RAM. On the other hand, if you really want to make sure your gaming is smooth and floating-point calculations are not a problem, you can get faster DDR4 RAM.

Choosing the Right Drive

If you have an SSD for games, go with a bigger one because all of the most recent games are installed in a full SSD. Also, pay attention to what type of RAM is being used with USB drives that can be used for installing programs since there are different types that have better speed and performance than others.

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Choosing Operating System Updates

Virtual private servers do not come with updates or security fixes. This means that there is no protection against malware or viruses that could infect your server. You should always keep up with the latest software from your provider.

Choosing Screenshot Utility

Virtual private servers have a limited amount of RAM and CPU, so to help maximize performance, you should always be running a screenshot utility while gaming on them.

You should always optimize your virtual server to maximize performance and improve the gaming experience. It is a good idea to save some money by going with a lower-end hoster instead of a higher-end one since you will be spending less on hardware and software. You can also find an SSD that is more suited for your budget.

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