The Best 5 Designer Tips For Keeping a Kid-Friendly Home Pristine

The very thought of a space that’s kid-friendly and neat and tidy, doesn’t go along, right? Keeping things organized, leave alone clean can become a challenging task for a lot of us with tiny happy feet running around at home. A lot of parents put off the very idea of renovating the house and adding luxurious furniture like a leather  l shape sofa out of the fear of it being spoiled by the kids, and continue to let their home look lifeless and boring. To rescue you from this, we have put together the best 5 designer tips that are clever and practical so that your home can look impeccable while still staying kid-friendly.

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1. Choose the upholstery fabric wisely

The biggest nightmare of any parent is to watch the new upholstery getting smeared with cookie cream, paint, or melted chocolate. You can overcome this by choosing a custom fabric that’s easy to wash and clean, like the solution-dyed acrylic fabric, that sweeps off the liquids easily, and doesn’t allow it to get into the roots. For superficial stains, you can easily scrub it off with a sponge that’s dipped in warm water and liquid soap.

2. Create more storage space

Another good way to make your place look well-maintained is to get furniture with additional storage space. For example, a single bed with storage drawers can do wonders to organize your child’s toys in their bedroom. Adding poufs that come with hidden storage to your living room is also a great idea to keep the unwanted clutter away or a built-in closet to hold the millions of tiny clothes of your bundle of joy.

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3.  Protect things that can be easily destroyed

Designers advise for those things that can’t be easily cleaned or can be damaged beyond repair, it’s best to add a layer of protection. For example, if you have a shiny mahogany wooden dining table, cover it with an attractive table cloth or a runner, to protect it against any scratches. Similarly, if you have recently polished your wooden floor, then add a large rug in the living room to protect it. Be mindful of the rug material that you pick, you would want to get something that can be easily washed or cleaned.

4. Add unbreakable décor items

As much you want to place the exquisite bone china vase on the center table of the living room, this couldn’t be risky. Designers advice adding décor that’s durable, unbreakable, and yet timeless like a bronze vase to hold your lovely crotons.

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5. Opt for a no-fuss look

Placing too many things in one room can create a lot of visual clutter, robbing away the charm of the space. According to the experts, a minimalistic look is a way to go, because it doesn’t restrict the movement of your children.

Try out the above simple tips to instantly give your home a beautiful makeover. 

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