13 ways to Get more Views on YouTube

If you have a YouTube channel, you are likely looking for ways to gain more subscribers and views. Views on YouTube are compared to views on a blog, that is, the more traffic, the better the recognition of your channel. 

How to get views on Youtube

This article won’t teach you a magic formula to increase your channel’s subscribers and views. What We can tell you in advance is that there are shortcuts and they are not worth it. Don’t buy subscribers or views. Read through to the end to learn how to gain more YouTube views and break your bubble.

#1 — Use the Right Colors in Thumbnails

When it comes to CTR (click-through rate), the thumbnail is one of the main factors to get more views on your videos. Just to give you an idea, 9 out of 10 videos with high views have custom thumbnails.

How to create thumbnails that stand out and attract clicks? Make thumbs with the colors below: Yellow; Blue; Orange; Green.

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Since the YouTube background can be white or black, using those colors predominantly in your thumbnails will act as a visual call to action for users.

#2 — Use a description that favors discovery

According to the YouTube Creators channel, description is of paramount importance to increase video discovery.

In addition to increasing the discoverability of your videos, descriptions allow you to reach your persona.

Check out a template description for Youtube below:

  • Introduction: maximum 4 sentences, using the keywords related to the content;
  • Detail: Describe the content using a maximum of 300 characters;
  • Links: links from your social networks and references used;
  • Conclusion: end your video description with a thank you to the user, try to make them engage naturally, leaving a like and a comment.

#3 — Use impactful titles

The title of a video is one of the main ranking factors within Youtube.

My tips for creating attractive titles on Youtube are:

  • Use keywords;
  • Respect the 55-character limit;
  • Use emojis sparingly.

#4 — Create custom playlists

If you have several videos talking about the same subject, create playlists to add all the content of the topics covered.

Werecommend that you switch the layout of your playlists so that they are more visually appealing.

#5 — Study your competitors

As with SEO, research for the competing videos to see what tags and keywords they’re using. 

#6 — Use optimized tags

There is a basic structure that allows the discovery of your videos to be amplified, see below:

  • Main keyword: apply your keywords in the first and second tags of your videos;
  • Variations: Create other tags with variations of your keyword;
  • Niche: In the last tags, use terms that relate your content to your niche. 
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#7 — Use cards to lock users into your channel 

With cards, you’ll be able to direct users to your old videos, creating more authority for your channel. 

Do an analysis to find out when people leave your videos, at these moments, include the cards to suggest other videos from your channel.

#8 — Become an Active Member

As Wementioned in my article on how to get followers and engagement on Instagram, Youtube is a community and this can be explored.

Engage in relevant videos, provide constructive feedback, and get seen.

Something Wenoticed on both Instagram and Youtube is that funny and creative comments get more likes and bring more users to my content, also you can not buy YouTube comments.

#9 — Use your videos on your blog

Don’t just depend on Youtube delivery to get views, use your videos in your articles, with that you earn:

  • Views;
  • Increase in average session duration;
  • Credibility;
  • Monetization.

#10 — Boost your videos 

Just like on social networks, it’s possible to boost your videos, making them be suggested to users who fit your filters.

Prioritize boosting your videos for up to two days for them to appear on the home page and related videos.

#11 — Use the algorithms to your advantage

Many users are not in the habit of like and subscribing to the channel when they watch a video, so use the following strategy in your videos:

  • Start by addressing the subject of the video by quoting one or two keywords out loud;
  • Ask users to subscribe and like;
  • Make the content;
  • Suggest other videos from your channel;
  • Ask again for the subscription and the like.
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#12 — Use the community

The “Community” tab on Youtube is a resource for you to interact with your subscribers in a more intimate way. Take advantage of the community to create polls, promote short videos, announce new content, etc.

The more active you are in the community, the more engagement and relevance you will get.

#13 — Collaborate with other producers

The best way to break your bubble is to get into other bubbles, so making videos in partnership with other producers is a great way to achieve this.

Get in touch with other content producers in your city and suggest the production of videos for both channels.

Super hack to gain relevance

The more quotes and links you get for your videos and your channel, the more the algorithm will do you good.

The rule is simple, if you are mentioned a lot, the algorithm understands that people might want to see your content.

How to do SEO for Youtube? 

Some SEO techniques work well for Youtube.

Check out the main factors that help you increase the delivery of your videos on the platform below:

  • Keywords in title and description;
  • Number of likes;
  • Number of comments;
  • Watch Time (watched time);
  • Image quality;
  • Video quality;
  • Hashtags;
  • Views.


It’s not easy to get a lot of views and engagement on YouTube, especially at the beginning of your channel.

I’m sure you’ll get a lot of positive results by putting these tips into practice.

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