Why You Need a Cat Food Feeding Mat For Your Feline Friend

One of the best pets you can own is a cat, but you must know how to take good care of them. Just like humans, they also desire attention and care. Maybe owning a cat is not even new to you, but you have lapses in its feeding process whereby everywhere becomes a mess after feeding your cat. Perhaps, in your case, you own a feeding mat, but you want to replace it with another.

This article tackles all these cases and provides insight into the importance of feeding mats and the best cat food mat.

Importance of Cat Food Mat

We often condition our cats to get accustomed to a feeding space by placing its food bowls in that position. This helps to reduce the chances of the cat messing up other areas in the room. 

It is best to use a cat feeding mat to protect the floor from getting messy in such a case. This mess may be a result of your cat’s eating habit, the rust from your cat feeding bowl, the sliding of the bowl or any other reason.

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A cat feeding mat relieves you the stress of cleaning your floor now and then. You only need to clean the mat as often as possible (recommended after each meal). Cat feeding mats also reduces the chances of your cat spilling its food as it makes the feeding bowl stable. Another benefit of having a cat food mat is that it is safe. Also, throughout the feeding period, the mat stays intact because of its bump surface design and the non-slip grid it has underneath.

What to Look Out for In Cat Feeding Mats

Here are the vital features to consider:

  • You must consider the dimension to know if it will fit nicely to your cat feeding space.
  • Choose a mat that is non-slip.
  • Choose mats with bright colours and beautiful cat sayings.
  • Choose mats made from silicone; they are better than those of fabric.

Best Cat Feeding Mats

Now that you know why cat feeding mats are essential, you have to be careful when purchasing it to get the best. This article further guides the best type of feeding mat you should buy and the factors to consider before choosing a brand.

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It is equally essential to know the material used to make the mat before buying it. This is because the materials used determine the quality of the mat, its ability to absorb, and the way it is cleaned.

Cat food mats are made from different materials which include silicone and fabric. The best mats are those made from silicone that is non-slip. Silicone mats come with a slightly raised rim towards the top, stopping food from dropping off from the edge and avoiding liquid spillage. This rim around the edge makes it easy to clean the mat and the feeding area.

Silicone cat food mat is watertight, easy to clean and can endure high temperatures. You can wash it using a dishwasher.

On the other hand, Cat feeding mat made from fabric comes in various designs and colours and has a non-slip backing.

Although both types of cat food mat work correctly, it is advisable to go for silicone ones because it has minimal thermal conductivity and low toxicity, making it harmless to your cat.

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Similarly, silicone cat food mats absorb water more than those made from fabric, so you do not have to keep checking that your floor is wet.

Recommended Cat Feeding Mats

  1. Easyology Premium; easy to clean, durable, has lightweight, can resist water, absorb food and gives you good value for your money, although it is not safe to be washed in a dishwasher.
  2. CatGuru Silicone: this mat is harmless to your cat, watertight, but not very much absorbent.
  3. Reopet Silicon; very affordable compared to others, dishwasher friendly and water-resistant.
  4. DesignSter Lucky: can be used in a microwave and has a raised edge to reduce food spillage but not suitable for dishwasher use. 
  5. Shunai Mat; it is a moderate yet large-sized but not lightweight mat that is also easy to clean.
  6. Petfusion Waterproof; highly durable, can be washed using a dishwasher, waterproof but cannot absorb food well.

The choice is yours to make from the above-listed options, considering the price, design and material. Nonetheless, any of the options above will certainly be up to the task.

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