Is it possible to win while playing online slots games?

A rule of gambling is to prepare to lose more often than you win, and this means that when wins do come your way, you have to make the most of them by banking your winnings regularly and play here.

The reason for losing more often than being victorious is simply down to the nature of gambling itself and the odds are usually stacked against the punter. If you gamble on certain things such as horseracing, then you have to factor in other ingredients that complicate matters further. However, this is part of the appeal of all types of gambling and it does make the victory that much sweeter. 

Online Slot Differences 

These intricacies that are seen in sports betting also apply to slot games at online casinos, because even though slots seem like simple enough gambling games at face value, they do contain caveats that make them more complex. For example, not all slot games are the same, some slots offer a better chance of winning than others and some increase the house edge further by being highly volatile games. This means that you can go without a win for some considerable time, before you hit a winning sequence, but this can pay out substantial amounts. If you want to concentrate on slots that heighten your chances of winning, then look out for the no thrills low volatility slots with a high Return to Player or RTP percentage score. 

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Other Ways to Win on Slots 

Jackpot slots are major attractions at online casinos and many punters chase the lucrative progressive jackpots because many offer life changing rewards. Of course, like any other major prize, progressive jackpots are some of the hardest to win and those who have had their lives changed by a slot win are few and far between, but it does happen. There are individuals that have become millionaires because of slot wins so it is possible to be in the right place at the right time when they drop randomly or played as part of a bonus round. 

  • Some slots are easier to win on than others 
  • Slots that have low RTP scores and are described as highly volatile increase the house edge 
  • Jackpot slots offer the biggest rewards 
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Bonus Rounds 

Away from progressive jackpots, most punters win whilst playing slots by activating a bonus round that allows you some sort of bonus games on the house. Most bonuses come in the shape of free spins with some extra feature added to increase your chances of winning. These can include extra wilds, sticky wilds, expanding wilds or added multipliers to each winning spin.

Final Thoughts 

It is possible to win on slots because 1. Slots include bonuses that when triggered give you free games. 2. These can be retriggered to give you more free games. 3. Special features are also part of most slot base games and these also increase your chances of winning whilst you wait to trigger the all-important bonus rounds.

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