How does Architectural Elements Beautify a Space?

The space where we live and work has a great impact on our quality of life. If the space is well designed, we enjoy working and living there. When architectural elements are used mindfully, they can beautify the quality of a space. One of the most basic yet essential elements in a space is the staircase. To make a space look interesting and attractive, look at innovative stair design with Active Metal. Let us now discuss how some basic architectural elements and their placement contributes to beautifying a space.

Importance of Walls

Placement and the kind of walls used for a space define its character. A wall does not only create a partition between two spaces but can also give directional quality to the space. On the other hand, if the wall has some offsets and ornamentations, it adds aesthetic value to the overall space. The height of walls in a particular space can also be varied to generate different feelings and emotions. The way the user perceives a space is highly influenced by the kind of walls used in that space. Walls having punctures or slits can also create an interesting pattern of light and shadow.

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Placement of Columns

The main purpose of a column is to transfer the load of the structure and to keep it stable. Apart from that, the placement of these columns is equally essential while designing a space. A series of columns placed on a building facade creates a transparent layer. When columns are placed continuously, then it can also give an idea about the direction to the users. Apart from placement, the size and shape of columns can also give various qualities to the space. It can vary from simple and minimal columns to huge and ornamental ones.

Varying Floors

If a given space is all about the journey, then the floor is an architectural element that plays an important role. There are different kinds of floor finishes that are used indoors as well as outdoors. However, the ones used outdoors has to provide a good grip and friction to avoid users from slipping. A change in the level of the floor can depict a change in space and can act as a threshold. Play of levels and floor finishes can make a space beautiful and interesting. Interesting patterns can also be installed on the floor for ornamentations and for beautification.

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A space will only be playful when it has openings and if it is not monotonous. A straight running wall looks dull but a wall with openings and punctures looks much interesting. Openings in space are also essential as it allows light and ventilation to enter the space. Openings are preferred to be in the places that offer a good view to the user. These openings can be windows as well as doors. The size, position, and proportion of an opening are what define the quality as well as the character of a space.

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