Understanding Winter Tires Canada

If you are wondering when you should change to winter tires Canada, it might be sooner than you imagine. If you are not using other types of tires you should consider changing to winter tires around mid-October to mid-November.

Changing your previous tires to winter tires in Canada takes time and you should consider booking an appointment to avoid inconveniences. Here is what you need to know about winter tires online Canada for your vehicle.

How To Know You Should Change To Winter Tires Canada

There are a myriad of things to look out for to know whether it is the right time to get new winter tires for your car. For instance, if you notice the roads are icy or there is a slippery slush on the roads, it is a good sign that the winter season has approached. If you are wondering if you should switch from all-season tires to winter tires in preparation for the winter season, the answer you are looking for is yes. 

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All-season tires are not designed to work effectively in extreme winter conditions such as snowfalls and ice blocks. Regardless of the all-season tire’s ability to perform well in all seasons, they are not designed to blend into the performance of hazardous winter conditions.

If the winter season has approached, the only type of tires that will meet your needs and requirements in performance are winter tires Canada. Winter tires online are designed to offer the required traction, handling, and braking during slushy, frosty, icy, and snowy conditions.

The rubber compound that is used to make winter tires has a special feature of staying soft in extremely low temperatures. This characteristic helps the tire to mold itself properly on the road for the required amount of traction.

Can Winter Tires Perform Effectively During The Summer

So, should you replace your winter tires with summer tires when summer finally comes? Well, the answer is simple- yes you should. Every tire type is designed specifically for different weather conditions. Using winter tires during the summer will only reduce the durability of the tire because the winter tires are designed with soft material that is only convenient for the low temperatures during the winter. Subjecting the winter tires Canada to the hot temperatures experienced during the summer destroys them significantly.

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The Science Of Seven Degrees

If your location experiences unpredictable weather conditions, planning when to change your current tires to winter tires Canada can be challenging. Regardless, knowing the right time to change the tires is very important.

The convenient way to know it is time for a tire swap is by looking at a long range of weather forecasts. If for the next seven days you realize that the temperatures are always below seven degrees, it is high time that you consider changing to winter tires. This is important because with the low temperatures, you will notice that the summer tires are no longer able to conveniently grip the road.

Winter tires online will give you the required gripping and can withstand frequent braking when the temperatures are lower than seven degrees.

Rules For Winter Tires Canada

Winter tires online should have a specific symbol that features a three-peak mountain. This symbol shows that the tire can withstand snowfalls experienced during the winter season.

 In case your winter tires online do not have this specific symbol, you should book an appointment with tire professionals as soon as possible or have the tire replaced for a permanent solution.

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Failing to mount your vehicle with winter tires Canada can cost you a fine from the authorities. This is because using any other types of tires in the winter can result in a safety hazard to both you and other people using the road.

Another rule is that vehicle insurance companies do not cover losses resulting from accidents caused by using other types of tires in the winter season. Insurance companies will consider your loss a case of ignorance, and you will have to compensate for the losses by yourself.

For all drivers, it is important to swap to winter tires when the winter season approaches to avoid dealing with the consequences of dealing with authorities or causing harm to themselves and the vehicle.

Where Can You Find Winter Tires Canada

There are so many tire companies that sell winter tires and all other types of tires. If you are not sure where to find the tires, you can consider checking winter tires online to decide on the various available options.

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