Fibreglass pool: What you need to know

All the details on a fibreglass pool

Fibreglass Pool – The fibreglass pool holds approximately 7-10% of the in ground pool market. Here we will see the advantages and disadvantages of a fibreglass swimming pool. The installation of such a swimming pool, its price, its lifespan and its warranty.

Installation of a fibre pool

The fibreglass pools has some interesting advantages regarding the speed of installation. The installation of a fibreglass pool is done in 48 hours and sometimes less. It is not uncommon to see an installation completed in one day. Access to the site will be, like any other in-ground pool, an important factor in determining the time required to carry out the work. The installation part of fibreglass pool is very easy and even could be considered as DIY job.

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Price of a fibre pool

The price of a fibreglass pool can vary depending on the model you are considering. One of the biggest advantages is without doubt the shape of the models available. A fibreglass pool can sometimes be compared to a very large spa. Several models offer a different number of places to sit in a group with more or less jets. Of course, a fibreglass pool is no substitute for a real spa, but may still satisfy some consumers. Coming back to the price, let’s say that, like any product, the more gadgets you have the more it costs. A model of a standard inground pool will cost about the same as a pool with a liner and concrete bottom.

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Lifespan of a fibre pool

Fibreglass pool – We could take as an example a fibreglass step that has been seen on many standard pools. Unfortunately, a fibreglass pool will never return to its original appearance unlike a concrete pool on which, after 15 or 20 years, you can simply put ceramic or simply install a canvas. For the fibreglass pool, there is no real solution to make it live a second time.

Guarantee of a fibre pool

You have to be careful, the guarantees of fibreglass swimming pools can be attractive for their duration. It is important to know how these guarantees work, which often apply in proportion to the years of use. Basically this means that after 20 years the warranty will not cover half of the taxes on the renovation bill. The long warranty will often be one of the best arguments for a seller of this type of pool: you better know what to expect.

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When to do a backwash?

Check the pressure of the manometer at least once a week. If the indicated pressure is 5 psi higher than the normal average, it tells you it’s time to backwash.

My pool lost 1 inch of water!

It can happen that the water in your swimming pool evaporates more quickly than normal. Under certain conditions and especially on a heated swimming pool, it is normal to lose up to 1 inch in 24 hours.

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