Types of Book Writers: Which One is You?


Word crafters think through their fingers and bring their thoughts of mind into a complete book. Some book writers write instantly, and some write for hours, days, or even months. Some procrastinate until the last minute, and some believe in sitting and writing. Some create drafts after drafts and some prepare the plot at once. So which type of writer are you?

Traits of Writers

Here are a few traits of writers. So let us explore you.

The Procrastinator

Whether you enjoy writing short stories or a novel and have written a lot, you still have a lot left to write because you are a procrastinator. Maybe you fantasize more about the characters or story in your head than writing it down in your book. You sit to write, sip in your coffee, and boom, it’s time for Facebook. You are talented, but you still depend on your editor because you procrastinate till the last minute.

The Idea Generating Machine

While other writers suffer from the dilemma of idea inspiration, you are just the generating machine. You can be inspired by anything and everything.

You might carry sticky notes in your bag and point out everything that inspires you. You don’t need days after days to generate an idea for your novel. Writers like this often miss out on opportunities as they get inspired by almost everything.

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The Octopus

You are the multitasking master. You love to work on multiple things at a time. You might draft one or two stories at a time, help a friend with an assignment, and so on. Amidst all these, you still manage to publish your last book.

The Dreamer

Do you love to write about something unreal? Do you find a way to escape reality through this? Then you are the escapist. You daydream about creating a story. It might not be your profession, but you love to fantasize about these topics.

The Concealed or Closet Writer

You have some exclusive drafts prepared; but no one knows you are into writing, right? You are too shy to express your feelings and keep on hiding such a passion of yours.

Sadly closet writers never get their works published until the manuscript falls on the hand of a well-wisher. Usually, closet writers have the sharpest skill in writing and generating ideas. If such writers can be brought under the light, they tend to reach the top.

The Narrator or Storyteller

You always have a story in your mind. The character or the plot does not bother you at all. You have a fantastic story and that’s it. Based on the story, you decide on the characters and the plot.

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You believe a fantastic story will gradually create interesting characters and a unique plot. Maybe you have survived a trauma or similar incident. You live in your story world, and that’s what you try to bring into reality.

The Starter

“Go with the flow” is your favorite tagline. You usually don’t make any planning lengthy. You are up for anything and do not fear the ending.

You have a beautiful starting for your novel, but you don’t know how to wire the bottom. You are still inspired and motivated to write and just start. You don’t know where the story is going to end.

The Plot First Writer

You don’t have a beginning or an end. Most importantly, characters don’t bother you either. You are always up for adventures and thriller movies.

You think of an exciting plot and start drafting. Based on the plot, you set the beginning and the end of your story and sprinkle the characters in.

Unlike other writers, you begin your story with the plot; you don’t need the climax to create excitement. As you start with a plot, you prefer a lengthy but thrilling story.

The Character First Writer

You don’t get inspired by random objects or incidents of feelings. A specific character inspires you. You plan the whole story, the plot, the beginning, and the ending based on the character.

 A girl who kills her abusive neighbor at a young age becomes the character of your story. You are not spontaneous and don’t even have any outline ready. You decide to prepare the whole draft based on her character.

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The Query First Writer

You are an enthusiastic person. You have always been that excited toddler trying to find the answer to all your confusion.

This trait didn’t leave you even when you became a writer. You love to plan your story on a questionable topic. This is the only way out for you to arrange the whole novel.

Suppose, what if you were born and left in the jungle? What if you had a disease where you can’t face sunlight? Analyzing situations like this you plan the whole story.

The Speedy Perfectionist

As long as your blueprint is ready, you don’t wait. You believe in do or die; you never procrastinate. You write your content instantly and perfectly.

You are clear with your concept and articulation. You face no word wars but rather articulate the whole story specifically. You don’t rely on editors to keep things for future proofreading.

Wrapping up writers!

Writers create wonders. They can drive you on a roller coaster or experience a fairytale. But people never know how a story is written until they find out the type of writer they are.

Well, I was never actually aware that I am a multitasker. I always thought of myself as a procrastinator. But I do a lot of work together and complete my writing before the deadline!

So, who are you? Here is a chance to explore yourself through the types of book writers: which one are you?

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