Things To Consider Before You Hire A Book Editor

As your book nears completion, are you wondering if you need an editor for your book? The straightforward reply would be: yes. An editor will help you to polish your book as they are a critical and objective voice who will inform you of what needs to be added, what seems out of place, and what needs to be reworded or replaced. 

As a writer, you may be fully immersed in writing your book, and that is exactly why you need an editor. You will want to submit the best version of your book to the publishing house. An editor will help you with that. Here are some things you need to know before hiring an editor.

How Will It Benefit You To Hire An Editor

You will be able to save time and money by employing a professional, experienced pair of eyes to check your work. You want your work to succeed after putting your soul into it. The book has a higher chance of success if the book editing has been done by a professional. An experienced editor will check grammar, tone, tense, facts, spellings, and formatting. 

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An editor will suggest which parts need to be left out. Big words that are there but not adding too much value or clumsy sentences that are just there, you will probably not notice that they need to be removed, but an editor will be able to identify them and remove them.

When Should You Hire An Editor

You should give your book to the editor when you feel that the manuscript is in its best shape. You must ensure that you have edited the basics, such as sloppy sentences, overused words, grammar, and spelling. Reading the manuscript aloud and fixing everything that seems off to you is a great way to create a good version of it.

Before handing it over to the editor, you can have someone you trust read it aloud. Try to refine the article as much as you can before handing it over to the editor. An editor will be able to focus on significant issues instead of having to correct basic mistakes if you provide them with the cleanest version of your manuscript.

What Qualities Should I Check For When Hiring An Editor

Let’s look at the points that should be on your list when you pick an editor for your book.


Before you hand over your book to an editor, you need to conduct a little research about them. The best way to do this is by checking out their website. If they don’t have a website, you need to discuss with them where you should directly ask them what level of experience they have.

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Are They Transparent About Their Services And Fees

You must clearly communicate your expectations and goals with the editor and be comfortable with what they promise. A seasoned editor will clearly let you know what their services include, how much it will cost you, and how long it will take for them to complete your project.

You need to get all of these points in writing, either in a proposal letter or an agreement email. The editor will be done when they have delivered what they have promised to you. They will not usually edit your book further unless you hire them again.

Some editors will help you out with a few specific things, such as rewriting a particular part of the book. Discuss this as well at the outset and have these details ironed out upfront.

Do You Feel Comfortable With Them 

The relationship you have with the editor of your book is crucial as they are responsible for the future state of your manuscript. Hence, see if you feel comfortable with the editor and that you can agree on most points before you hire them. Above all, you must listen to your instincts about picking the right editor.

How Much Does An Editor Usually Cost

The services of editors aren’t usually cheap, and you have to remember that the prices and services do vary. Generally, the starting rate is $50 for approximately 2500 words or per hour. A few editors charge you on a per word basis, with the most costly editing being the developmental edit. Moving on to another editor is wise if the one you are considering won’t give you a fixed price or a ballpark quote upfront. 

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Do You Need An Editor If You Are Self-Publishing Your Book

It is common for many self-publishing authors to wonder if the added cost of hiring an editor is worth it. You may think that your spouse or best friend is great at noticing issues with your work, but they don’t have the training to diagnose problems with write-ups and don’t know how to suggest solutions or fix the issues. 

A reader will expect the same quality, whether the book is self-published or from a reputed publishing house. Many readers get discouraged by reading negative reviews online, so you must put out the best version.


Undoubtedly, it is a considerable investment to have your book edited professionally. A seasoned editor will be a great companion, acting as a coach, cheering you on until the finish line. An editor will help you get through it all with the best work you can produce to keep your audience engaged. They might cost a bit more, but it is worth it at the end of the day as you don’t want to jeopardize your book with negative reviews. Just be sure to research, pick someone you feel comfortable with, and have all the details ironed out from the get-go. Best of luck with your new book.

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