Camping essentials, one must carry while traveling the in the woods


Going out in the woods and camping to experience nature is a plan very much memorable to us. There are a lot of things we need to list down and inspect when we decide to travel and spend nights in the woods. Having your vehicles modified can be a good idea if you camp more often. UTE slide tray at Rola Case can elevate your experience and ease out the reachability for your things in the trunk. For now, let’s move towards the essentials you must not forget while camping –

Tents and sleeping bags

 Even if you wish to plan a trip as a one-day return plan, keeping your sleeping bags and tents is always a good option. If the trip you planned is executed exactly the same way then no issues but in case you get stuck somewhere in the wild, sleeping bags and tents can help you cut the night much quicker. As a safe side option, these things won’t take much of the space but if needed can help you greatly in a place where the resources are limited.

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Survival kit

Survival kits must always be present with you no matter where you decide to camp. A knife, lighter, matchstick, and some other things must be included in your survival kit. So that at least you light up your own fire and cook the food if needed. We must not anticipate the situation previously and should include the importance of the kit in our trips. No matter the duration of the trips, keeping a survival kit with you will also ensure your and your fellow campers’ safety no matter where you get stuck.

Maps and compass

Relying on the electrical GPS and navigations might not be a good idea all the time. Sometimes these devices can stop functioning and leave you out to wonder. After all, even those are machines and some faults in them are possible to take place. When in such cases, try not to panic and find your location on the map and compass. Undoubtedly, a compass can head you in the right direction and help you out of situations. Make sure you study the area before going so that at least you will know where is some help source you can get.

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Packed foods

Even if you have planned some meat or marshmallows for the campfire it’s always to have extra packed food with you. Sometimes the food that you bring can be wasted due to its lack of freshness or insects might locate and feed on it. In that case, cooking and eating packed food often from cans and vacuumized packets can give you some energy to continue your journey. And when you cook your food out in the woods, it also gives a nice earthy sensation that tastes amazing. As a result, it will also make your camping experience a lot more memorable.

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