Best Tattoo Artists in the World

Nowadays, tattoos are not taboo anymore. For most people, it is not only to make a memory but also a statement or to enhance their features. The art of tattoo is not new, it has its roots in the past, introduced into western art by the sailors. From 1970, this art form started to get the popularity it deserves.

Right from the start, tattooing started as another form of healing, similar to acupuncture, and evolved into what we have today. Now, tattoos are not a healing method anymore, they are a lifestyle, a fashion trend, a career path in life.

This year is almost finished, but if you thought about making one of these, first you should know some of the best tattoo artists in the world. In this way, you’ll have a taste about what are the latest trends in the tattooing world and what style suits you best. Here we’ve prepared for you a top 5 list with the best tattoo artists in the world.

Bang Bang – Keith McCurdy and Team

Have you been playing lately on Casoola casino and won enough money to make the tattoo you dream of? One of the best places that you can look into is the Bang Bang Studio, where you can find Keith McCurdy and his team.

Bang Bang studio is a tattoo parlor located in New York, and apart from Keith, you’ll also find there several top-notch international tattoo artists working there. The name of the studio is given by the creator, Keith, who had the nickname “Bang Bang”. You’ll probably want to go there, as Bang Bang has tattooed many celebrities in that studio. Some notable celebrities are Rihanna, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, and even Miley Cyrus.

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As for the tattoo styles, you’ll find diversity here, from typographic ones to photorealistic ones. Keith makes most of them in black and white, but you can for sure try to commission a colorful one if that suits your style.  But make sure, if you want an appointment there, you should book one three months in advance, because of their full schedule. If you want more inspiration, their official pages are filled with numerous tattoos, made on their clients.

Dot Creative Group – Goldy Z and Kate SV

Dot Creative Group is a private tattoo parlor, created by Goldy Z and Kate SV, where the two of them are the bosses. This studio is also located in New York and every tattoo made here is scheduled by appointment for the customized designs. Goldy Z and Kate are two females, who value diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of their business.

This studio specializes in photorealism, whether is black and color, and Goldy Z is an expert in portraits. Goldy Z is a worldwide famous artist, best known for her fresh approach to body art and the unique and refined fine lines of her work. Her blurry and whimsical tattoos have extraordinary amounts of details like they’d appear to be printed on the skin.

Even though subtle, they’re very impressive, and the tattoos range from pop culture celebrities to natural landscapes. If you want to make an appointment at their studio, you have to prepare yourself to wait at least 2 months and a minimum of 2 appointments, depending on the design you want.

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Saved Tattoos – Scott Campbell

Saved Tattoos is a New York-based tattoo artist, who has also tattooed a lot of celebrities, like Sting, Orlando Bloom, and Mark Jacobs. Scott Campbell started at first as a copy editor in a Bookstore. He then started his tattoo journey, traveling through Asia and Europe, learning the art of tattoos from diverse cultures. He then came back in 2005 and opened his first studio, named Saved Tattoo. His first tattooed celebrity was the famous Heath Ledger, who wanted a tattoo on his left forearm.

Their most famous designs are the colorful and imaginative motifs that have elements like botanicals, animals, and decorative objects. With a vintage and whimsical flair, you’ll see in their portfolio notable and impressive designs that will for sure match your style.

The Saved Tattoo parlor has one of the most expensive costs for their services, but fear not, you will not be disappointed. Again, you should be prepared to make an appointment in advance, as this studio always has customers. If you watch their social media, you can also see if you can get a discount for your appointment, if it’s your first time there.

Invisible NYC – Regino Gonzalez

Invisible NYC, another New York City Tattoo studio located in the Lower East Side, was created by Regino Gonzalez. There, they specialize in Japanese-style tattoos, Regino being well known for the full sleeve and full-body masterpieces.

Regino has a unique style where he combines Japanese and American styles, adding them to traditional characteristics and unifying them in the twenty-first century. A very good example would be a bald eagle rearing its head in mid-wail against the back of dragon scales, combining the two cultures. Another example would be the juxtaposition of flora and fauna that he makes.

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In Japanese culture, the nature in his work is implied by the unconventional organisms he portrays. Also, he combines geometric designs, marked by his sharp lines, with patchwork patterns and textures. Another strong point is also the portraits, featuring religious figures, like scenes of the Virgin Mary with her eyes towards God.

If you’re a fan of intricate, well-executed Japanese-style tattoos, the Invisible NYC Tattoo studio will be a great choice for you.

East River Tattoo – Rachel Hauer

East River Tattoo, another New York City studio, is a popular parlor that emphasizes maritime folk art and 19th-century traditional tattoos.

Rachel Hauer, a tattoo artist from 2009, is a true example of hard work and creativity. She has a University degree in printmaking and studies in art history, which defined her style. Her love for old and intricate designs is seen easily. Also, the details on her lines and mastered shadows are unbeatable, turning simple things into amazing pieces of art.

The most popular themes in this studio are flowers, botanical pieces, and detailed nature elements. So if you’re into a high-quality botanical design, here is your place to go.


When you decide to make your first tattoo, it is important to read and see all of your favorite tattoo artists’ work. Also, another important point is the price range, which you should consider if you want to try a celebrity tattoo artist.

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