Top 7 Colleges in Mizoram

Government Champhai College

Government Champhai College was created for the people who were unable to attend other higher education institutions. The college is associated with NAAC and has received its B++ accreditation. The college offers a wide range of Undergraduate and Certificate Courses in several fields. The GC College also offers certificate programmes in spoken language and computer concepts. The majority of the faculty members of the college have received their education from reputable universities all around India.

Affiliation Mizoram University
TypePublic College
LocationChamphai, Mizoram

Pachhunga University College

There are numerous well-maintained facilities and infrastructures present on the campus, including libraries, numerous laboratories, lecture rooms, and much more. The food at canteens is excellent. A football and basketball court are present. In addition to teaching the students the curriculum, teachers also help the students to develop their career and life skills. The topics covered in the classes, such as LGBT issues, alcoholism, and drug abuse, are quite good in terms of moral values.

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Affiliation Mizoram University
LocationAizawl, Mizoram

Government Saiha College

The Government Saiha College in Saiha was founded on July 20th, 1978. It is one of the most prestigious institutions created to impart and give in the area of higher education for the worthy candidates and prove to be a turning point in development. It is affiliated to Mizoram University. The institution has received numerous accolades from publications, organizations that grant scholarships, and various societies, including recognition as the best college by the affiliated university.

AffiliationMizoram University 
LocationSaiha, Mizoram

Government Aizawl College

Founded in 1975 and situated in Aizawl. The Government Aizawl College is a top institution due to its high academic standards, range of educational offerings, illustrious professors, numerous extracurricular activities, and modern facilities. The college is affiliated to Mizoram University. The college upheld the best practices and the highest international standards in higher education.

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Affiliation Mizoram University
LocationAizawl, Mizoram

Government Serchhip College

Government Serchhip College in Serchhip was founded on August 25, 1973 and the college was inaugurated by the Ch. Chhunga. It is one of the most prestigious institutions created to impart and give in the area of higher education and prove to be a turning point in development. The college is affiliated to Mizoram University. Moreover, the college also provides courses for open learning and distance learning delivery through the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi.

Affiliation Mizoram University 
LocationSerchhip, Mizoram

Zoram Medical College

Zoram Medical College was founded in 2018. It is associated with Mizoram University. It is a government medical school. It was founded  under the Centrally Supported Plan. The faculty at this college is largely highly qualified, well-trained, and equipped with cutting-edge technology. Additionally, it provides the students with a setting conducive to self-directed learning by providing an adequate quantity of non-technical employees.

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Former namesMizoram Institute of Medical Education & Research
TypeMedical Education Research institute
LocationFalkawn, Mizoram

Government Kolasib College

Government Kolasib College (GKC) is a college in Kolasib, Kolasib. The college is recognised by the University Grants Commission (UGC). It is a coeducational institution run by the Government of Mizoram’s Directorate of Higher & Technical Education, Education & Human Resources Department. This college has a strong academic history and is regarded as one of the best colleges in Mizoram.

Affiliation Mizoram University 
LocationKolasib, Mizoram

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