Top 7 Colleges in Kolkata

St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata

St. Xavier’s Kolkata is one of the best colleges in Kolkata. It is renowned for its illustrious legacy and heritage. The 163-year-old college offers good teachers, excellent management, and better employment chances. The reputation of St. Xavier’s Kolkata is unblemished, and the school is proud of its famous alumni association, which is made up of notable figures in academia and business.

Affiliation University of Calcutta
TypePrivate Catholic autonomous Government-aided higher education institution

Scottish Church College

Scottish Church College, a reputable Christian minority college with a long history, is located in Beadon Street. Instructors at this college are not only knowledgeable individuals, but also a group of decent people. No matter how intelligent a student is or how much trouble they cause within or outside the campus, they take care of them all.

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Affiliation University of Calcutta
LocationAzad Hind Bag, Kolkata

Asutosh college

The college is well known for its cultural programme, which features events for departmental freshmen, college freshmen, third-year senior alumni, etc. Almost every month features a different programme. Teachers are knowledgeable and helpful. However, the canteen is not so great. Regular classes are held for teachers. You have the option to go or not. It’s a wonderful spot to find your partner because of the calm environment.

Affiliation University of Calcutta

J. D. Birla Institute

JD Birla Institute is one of the greatest colleges, associated with Jadavpur University. It offers a student-friendly learning resource center on campus that is very committed. The LRC also includes specific book and magazine sections for business. This college not only gives you a solid education, but it also shapes you into a future entrepreneur.

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Affiliation Jadavpur University
LocationLower Rawdon Street, Kolkata

Bethune College

Bethune College is one of the best women’s colleges in Kolkata. The professors and environment at Bethune are excellent. But you must pay attention in class because Bethune is quite rigorous about attendance. As a result of Bethune’s stringent expectations for students’ academic performance, you’ll feel as though you’re still in school. 

Affiliation University of Calcutta
TypeWomen’s college

Loreto College, Kolkata

The college’s infrastructure is excellent, with well-proportioned classrooms and a library that has more than a million books available for the students. The library of Calcutta University is exceptionally well-equipped and regarded as one of the best in the entire institution. Many former students still visit the college since it offers the best options for both students and their future.

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Affiliation University of Calcutta
LocationSir William Jones Sarani, Kolkata

Lady Brabourne College

Lady Brabourne College is one of the top colleges in Kolkata and best for economics. This department’s professors are outstanding. You would be taught economics by members of this department in such a clear manner that you wouldn’t have much trouble grasping the topic even if you hadn’t taken it in 11th or 12th grade.

Affiliation University of Calcutta
TypeUndergraduate College
LocationSuhrawardy Avenue, Beniapukur, Kolkata

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