The Investment Center Review 2021 – Your Partner for all Future Investments

Have you ever thought about how hard our life has been made with the entry of the internet? It is pretty much everywhere and the effects are for what never signed up. We cannot deny the fact that the internet has revolutionized our lives to an extent that is unbelievable. If you take yourselves a few years back, you’ll see how much struggle people needed just to make a living. Everything required effort and dedication.

Today we continue living in a world where everything can be done from the comfort of our homes. You need not step out of your bed and get your work done. This is because of the wave of the internet that hit us a few years back. The entire digitalization process was accelerated after the pandemic. We are all locked up at houses and their only exposure to the world came out through the windows of our phone and laptops that were connected to the internet. This might seem something great initially but excess of everything can be fatal. Where the internet induced convenience brought us so many distractions it also had scammed and frauds in its luggage. 

When I joined the trading world, we had a lot of risks when it came to forex but I feel like this risk has quadrupled. Not because of the volatility and instability but because of the inefficiency of the brokers and the ones who connect us to the stock exchange while we sip out of warm coffee mugs at our homes. Let me take you to forex firms. When the investors realized that people are making a massive shift towards the forex firms, very soon we saw massive amounts of these firms pouring in. May newbies thought it was a cool thing to happen because of the way choices widened. But in reality, we were heading towards a new era of destruction and mistrust. So large prevalence of frauds in the profession has made a lot of you under-confident. You all keep thinking if you can establish yourself as a trader in years to come or not. 

But I think now the time has come that you all stop worrying. I am here to review my broker The Investment Center so that you all have a glimpse of the entire process where we make choices and particularly choose a reliable broker. I’ll explain what specs you need to look for in your firm which will let you stay at peace about your assets’ security. 

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Before we start with the review formally, I would like to inform you all that no one knows it all from day 1. All of us undergo a process of never-ending learning and that’s what teaches us how to survive all sorts of circumstances. It is okay if most of you have been fooled by any of the unreliable brokers. It must have taught you a lot. But now is the time that you learn a little more and get going towards your destination of success. I myself have had the misfortune of signing up for around 4 firms which were nothing but a headache for me. But the day I decided I’ll do my research and make thoughtful decisions, I ended up in the right hands. Working with The Investment Center is something that makes me feel safe and secure. And not only this, the reputation of this broker in the market makes me feel really blessed for making the right choice at the right time. Those of our fellows, who work with the Investment Center have an idea of what remarkable trading environment we are provided with. You are bound to make profits if you get your hands on something like this broker.

Let’s see what exactly makes me feel this way. 


When a trader signs up for a broker, he/she wants to be served by the most efficient and the most professional tools. Unfortunately enough, we do not get these easily online. If you feel like you have then do not forget to check for other elements such as security, the interface of the web portal, theme, customer care, education, efficiency in order execution, etc. All these factors, if not efficient, can give you sleepless nights. Well, getting back to tools, I want to say that I have found all of these efficient and highly customizable. My favourite tool is the chart tool which lets you make the otherwise monotonous process very fun and easy. I also like how the company lets you trade in more than 200 assets. This is a perfect opportunity for you all to expand your profile and never let an opportunity slip out of your hands. When I was new to the firm, I only dealt in currencies but now I cannot think of giving up on Commodities. Also, you have no idea how much I have benefited from the Crypto option. This is yet another product of digitalization and it is the need of the hour that we traders consider moving towards it. My manager holds all the credit for introducing me to this digital currency world. Had he not been there to give me the lacking motivation and courage, I would’ve been just an average trader, oblivious to all the good Bitcoins can bring. 

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I am also a huge fan of the stocks bar which has informative arrows which quickly give you an idea about the rising and the declining stocks. This helps you make your decisions more calculated and precise. Unfortunately, I cannot see the date and time bar on the phone version. I hope it is added soon. 

Multiple Payment Methods

Bitcoin brings me to another feature that helps the company stand out from the competitors. At the Investment Center, you are provided with a total of 4 options. These include maestro, master card, bank wire and the distinguishing bitcoin. Ever since Tesla and Square have started accepting bitcoins traders have started considering the adoption of Bitcoin payment methods in an attempt to keep up with the changing trends and hence the evolving needs. You can pick up and pay using any of the methods. But I wish and hope that soon the PayPal option is introduced. This will help the traders at The Investment Center trade, pay and withdraw even easily. I know this is uncommon in general but The Investment Center has the pioneer badge for a whole lot of features so why not. 

Secure and Safe

Next up is the Legal Section. This is a section that helps you develop a relationship with the firm based on trust. I am not someone who trusts online firms easily because of the cybercrime boom. But trust me going through the uploaded documents here, I realized that the degree of efficiency exhibited is definitely commendable. The disclaimer at the bottom is also something that reflects how the company does not believe in keeping people or traders from the associated threats. Once they have an idea only then they can take precautionary measures. The disclaimer at the bottom says that the site is not operational in some areas. This is to ensure that the security of users is not put at stake. I like how the company chose to give up on profits rather than compromising on our security. Also, your data is safe with the firm. You can have a look at their Privacy Policy, Bonus Policy, Withdrawal, Refund and Cancellation Policy, Terms and Conditions Anti Money Laundering Policy, Risk Disclosure statement and others to get an idea of the legal stances and policies. 

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The Investment Center has come up with a range of accounts. All these accounts are actually groups that have distinct features for the customers who sign up for these. The most basic one is the silver one which requires a smaller amount of deposit but gives you the basic features only. This is for very young people who need to get themselves acquainted with the firm and trading.

As we go up these accounts keep upgrading and improving. The amount of deposit keeps rising accordingly. The highest account is VIP but you can sign up for Platinum. I started up with Gold but now I am a satisfied Platinum user. You can upgrade anytime you feel like the previous one isn’t serving your needs. My favorite feature of this account is the financial planning and risk assessment. These two have allowed me not only to maximize profits but have also helped me to grow as a trader. You can definitely consider using these. 

The Final Word

The Investment Center has been a great broker for me so far. I like how they work on a pro-client ease principle even at the cost of profits. This efficient broker can be considered for a safe future. Good luck to you all on the search for the right long-term forex partner. Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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