Converting PDF to PDFA for Archiving Needs with PDFBear


Various tasks are carried out via mobile devices and computers across multiple document formats because of digitalization. Even in this day and age, when everything is reachable and accessible through technology, some people still do not know how to use it. One issue they’re having is when they have a PDF file that needs to be converted into different file formats.

Fortunately, a comprehensive website will walk you through how to do certain things step by step and effectively. So, if you ever have difficulty converting a PDF to a PDF/A file, PDFBear provides a simplified PDF to PDF/A conversion. Here is some more information about this online converter and how it can assist you in learning how to perform the conversion process.

Convert PDF to PDF/A With PDFBear: 4 Simple Steps

Using PDFBear’s PDF to PDFA converter features to convert any portable document format file is a simple and straightforward operation. To assist you in achieving flexibility and quality, it converts a PDF document to a PDF/A format in under a minute. Digital users just need to follow PDFBear’s four-step approach, and the results will appear in less than a minute.

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Furthermore, PDFBear implements a pre-loading feature to improve the conversion efficiency of clients that use their services. You can convert them to PDF and vice versa so that you can meet all of your PDF requirements. If you need to convert your PDF file to PDF/A, follow these simple steps for a fast and uncomplicated conversion:

  1. To convert a PDF document to PDF/A, you must first send it to PDFBear’s PDF to PDF/A converter. You can either pick and forward the files or drag and drop the PDF document onto the converter tool.
  2. On the screen, you will notice multiple compliance levels under the uploaded file. Each of these levels plays a specific role. As a result, before making a decision, you must understand what it is capable of. If you don’t know anything about them yet, don’t worry as the website has information on each of them. All you have to do is learn, comprehend, and determine which level is best suited to your requirements.
  3. In the third step, the converter will not require any user input. The PDF/A file would take a few moments to download for anyone using the PDFBear tool.
  4. Click the ‘Download’ button and then save the PDF/A file to your computer or mobile device. PDFBear also lets you email or upload your PDF to a Google Drive or Dropbox account.
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What Is The Distinction Between PDF and PDF/A?

The process of converting a raw word file to a PDF file is far more user-friendly. It’s like a grab-and-go package that anyone can get their hands on quickly. There are more PDF users now, especially those who dislike organizing their files. PDF/A functionality is unfamiliar to many people. However, with the availability of PDF/A, this one is highly regarded by those who value an existing file that can be utilized after some time has passed.

The Advantages of the PDF to PDF/A Conversion Process

Nothing beats getting an online PDF to PDF/A converter because it extends the life of a PDF document’s credibility and durability over time. It is now common practice for digital users to convert a standard document format to PDF to ensure that the security and layout of the document are preserved across multiple operating systems.

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As a result, the benefit of converting PDF to PDF/A is combined with the same elaboration. It continues to preserve the document’s integrity for the time being but guarantees its accuracy even if it survives for more than a century. In terms of accuracy, it produces PDF-type documents of exceptional quality and dependability.

When we think of data today, one term that comes to mind is privacy. Of course, you would favor employing an online portal that protects both you and your PDFs from possible threats. Fortunately, the website employs a robust 256-bit encryption system. You won’t have to worry about any online threats if you are using PDFBear.


Your PDF files can contain confidential data and information. As a result, one of your responsibilities as a PDF owner is to keep them secure. Even if you intend to keep your PDF files for a long time when you convert PDF to PDF/A, everything will remain the same, and the quality will be preserved. So, if you ever need this tool, simply go to the PDFBear website.

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