The Best Motorcycle Routes in Germany and Austria

Germany is famous for the Autobahn, where there is technically no speed limit. People from all over the world dream of going there in order to rent a fast car and fly over the German equivalent of a highway. Sorry to disappoint, but there are indeed speed limits in Germany. The route sections, where you can go 160 kilometers per hour or even more, are rare. In most sections, speed is limited down to 130 or even to 120 kilometers per hour or even less than that.

Thank goodness that to motorcyclists it’s usually a lot more important to find scenic routes instead of routes without a speed limit. And there are tons of those in Germany and Austria. It’s crucial to make sure, though, to wear high-quality motorcycle clothing when going on the steep, curvy and windy mountain routes.

The Best Route for Motorcycles in Northern Germany

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Why the south of Germany is really mountainous, the north is rather flat. But that doesn’t mean that there are no scenic routes for motorcyclists. The following route comes with a variety of speeds and offers you enjoyable turns and curves.

Weserbergland and Fehmarn

Hamburg is a great place to start this tour from. Before getting on the motorcycle and driving up further north, the notorious Reeperbahn holds in store a lot of entertainment for people from all over the world. The district of St. Pauli, where the Reeperbahn is situated, is one of the most sinful districts in Europe – women, entertainment shows and culinary flights are what tourists love most about the famous part of Hamburg.

After having left Hamburg, you enter the region of Westerberg, where scenic routes with challenging turns await you. Finish your motorcycle trip in Fehmarn by the Baltic Sea and enjoy the rough winds and the beautiful nature.

The Best Route for Motorcycles in Southern Germany

The south of Germany is called Bavaria and touches Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland. It captivates motorcyclists with mountains, views and pass roads. On some roads, you can really step on the gas. On others, it’s all about skills and becoming one with your motorcycle.

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Route through the Bavarian Forest towards the Czech Border

One of the most beautiful routes through Bavaria is the one going from Regensburg towards Zwiesel. There are different routes you can take from the starting point to your destination, but the best one is probably the one leading from Regensburg to Zell im Bayerischen Wald, then to Roding and Cham. From there, you make your way through mountainous roads and along scenic rivers towards Viechtach, Bodenmais and Zwiesel. Make sure to plan a trip up the Silberberg in Bodenmais or the Great Arber in Zwiesel by chairlift at the end of your trip in order to enjoy the view even more.

The Best Route for Motorcycles in Austria

The Bavarian mountains and the nature there are stunning. Austria offers the same things, but obviously to a much greater extent. If you´re up for a long camping journey, you shouldn’t just cross the Austrian Alps, but make sure to go all the way from Bavaria to Italy. That way, you get to enjoy it all: the German alpine upland, the Austrian mountains and the Italian part of the Alps called the Dolomites. The scenery will fascinate you as it changes from green fertile nature to a rough rock massif.

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Make sure not to go all the way on the Autobahn, but choose the backroads instead. We suggest starting in Munich and heading towards Kiefersfelden, Kufstein and Innsbruck. Always make sure to go towards the Brenner, the highest-leveled border pass between Austria and Italy. From there, keep on taking the backroads heading towards Lake Garda in Trentino, where the Dolomites end and the Italian flatlands begin.

It takes experienced motorcyclists to deal with the harsh conditions up in the mountains. Make sure, your luggage includes a variety of motorcycle clothes for all temperatures and weather conditions.

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