Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings: How to Pick the Best One for your Significant Other

Emerald cut rings have been gaining substantial popularity in the bridal world for their unique appearance. If you are appealed by bold colours and angular shapes, then emerald cut engagement rings should be at the top of your list. If you are thinking of getting your loved one a majestic emerald-cut engagement ring, here are some important details to make the best choice:

What is an Emerald-Cut?

This cut was originally designed for emeralds. However, it is available for other diamonds and gemstones as well. The main feature of this cut is the elongated rectangle shape with facets that are chiselled and narrowly step-cut. This cut gives the popular effect of “Hall of Mirrors”. This cut also features cropped corners to protect the stone and give it stability. Depending on the ratio, the emerald-cut can look either square or rectangle.

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Why is an Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring a Great Choice?

The Emerald-cut is a timeless design that is both refined and bold. This cut gives the stone a great presence and makes it stand out, making it a great option for an engagement ring.

Furthermore, an emerald-cut engagement ring offers the following:

A Touch of Sophistication

Emerald-cut gemstones have a distinguishable vintage charm to them. They became popular during the Art Deco era and soon became a favourite cut among the Hollywood elites. The emerald-cut has a refined allure that makes it desirable to bold and sophisticated women. This style is perfect for someone who enjoys tapping into their understated style.

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Presents Your Fingers as More Slender

Emerald-cut rings are not the shiniest rings, but they will give you a special feel. Due to the design’s angular and elongated shape, it will make the fingers appear longer and slimmer. With an emerald-cut ring, you get a stunning ring and slender looking fingers.

Carat Weight

If you are looking for a cut that is admirable and would make the centre stone appear larger, then the emerald-cut ring is the ideal choice. The gem appears to be larger due to the surface area of the emerald cut. 

The Best Settings for an Emerald-Cut Ring

There are a few settings that can take your emerald-cut engagement ring to the next level. These settings are a great way to truly get a memorable ring. 

Some popular settings for an emerald-cut are:

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Halo Setting

Even though emerald-cut gems and diamonds reflect less light than other cuts, you can add external bling to the design with a couple of haloes. If a luxurious and sparkling ring is your priority, then a halo setting will do the trick.

Solitaire Setting

This setting presents the beauty of the ring without any unnecessary additions. The classic emerald-cut engagement setting is for those who are looking for a simplistic ring that speaks for itself.

Three Stone Setting

This setting consists of a primary emerald-cut gemstone that is surrounded by two secondary diamonds or gems. This is a smart way to add more weight to the ring and increase its visual appeal.


An emerald-cut engagement ring can be the perfect ring choice for the love of your life! There are several reasons to go for this timeless cut and one of them is unconditional love!

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