Telehandler vs. Boom Lift: Which Forklift is Right For You

People, especially inexperienced users, have confused a telehandler and boom lift time without a number. 

Although the two pieces of equipment lift and lower heavy loads, they are not exactly the same. Unfortunately, the confusion has led to a tremendous negative impact on the productivity and cost of many projects.   

So, how do you point out the critical differences between a telehandler and a boom lift when looking for the best used telehandlers for sale near me? Here are the answers 


Both the telehandler and boom lift have different capabilities. A telehandler extends the limits of a boom lift, as it reaches more than 30 feet more than its counterpart. With a boom attachment, a telehandler can lift at a 70-degree angle, making it ideal when positioning the machine in a loading zone.

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It’s  also ideal for rough terrain and slippery grounds due to its large body and wheelbase. Some are even equipped with hydraulics for added stability.  These capabilities make “used telehandlers for sale near me” ideal for construction sites and outdoor activities such as snow plowing. 

Boom lifts, however, are ideal for a factory or warehouse setting or where there is limited space. They are commonly used to transport cargo from one place to another, lift pallets, and load and offload loads from trucks and lorries.


Telehandlers are more versatile than boom lifts due to their multiple-arm attachments. Boom lifts can only lift loads up and down in a vertical movement as the operator moves up and down. 

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Telehandlers, on the other hand, are fitted with different booms such as buckets, forks, spreader bars, or trash hoppers, hence able to handle different tasks. Sometimes, they are used as cranes due to their extended reach in all directions. They also perform their tasks without moving anything apart from the boom.


Boom lifts are more compatible due to their small size compared to telehandlers. Generally, telehandlers tend to be larger but have more capabilities than boom lifts. However, a sizable heavy-duty boom lift is likely larger than a standard telehandler and may not be suitable for narrow spaces. 


Boom lifts are powered by fuel or battery power. Those powered by batteries do not emit any gases; hence environmentally friendly. On the other hand, those powered by fuel are usually heavy-duty with more outstanding lifting capabilities. Although boom lift models operate differently, most use hydraulic cylinders, chain pulleys, and rollers.

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Just like boom lifts, “used telehandlers for sale near me” also use electric energy or fuel. Electric ones handle lighter loads, while fuel-powered telehandlers perform heavy-duty tasks. Telehandler uses hydraulic valves to operate where a pump and valve push fluid around the system to produce pressure that kick-starts movement. 


If you are planning to purchase or hire a telehandler or boom lift for your business or project, choosing one that perfectly fits your needs is crucial. Each piece of equipment has capabilities and functionalities, so knowing the difference goes a long way in handling the job flawlessly. 

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