A Guide to Choose the Right Wash Basin for Your Bathroom

People now spend significantly more time in the restroom than they used to do previously. There are m any architects & designers are now putting in substantial effort to give you with the best contemporary bathroom possible. The basin is unquestionably among the most essential parts of the overall mood of the bathroom. It provides character to your restroom, which might be wonderful, contemporary, luxurious, or antique.

The colour palette, size, and placement of the space all have an impact on the best bathroom basin. This article provides users with a complete guidance on how to choose the ideal wash basin for their washroom.

What to look for before you buy a wash basin?

Here are some of the things you must consider you buy a new basin for your washroom.

  • The dimension of your bathroom:  

It is advised that you choose one as per the dimensions of your bathroom. Lateral wash basins are the best option for small & compact bathrooms. A pedestal basin or countertop basin may be utilised in large bathrooms.

  • The toilet seat & shower location: 
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This is important since you don’t want your lavatory to seem crowded and unorganised. The basin must be placed so that it does not obstruct the placement of the toilet bowl & shower.

  • Mounting: 

Some may be placed over a unit, while others can be wall-mounted.

  • Correct Faucet Selection:

You will have a large selection of faucets to pick from. You may choose the faucet that suits your requirements the best.

Single or multi-user basin

For your house, you may choose from three distinct styles of washbasins. A solitary wash basin is appropriate for a limited area in an apartment and studio unit. A two-person or multi-person basin is ideal for large houses and workplaces that house a large number of people.

Before purchasing a washbasin, you should consider the style you want to attain. If you want to instal the washbasin yourself, there seem to be single-type variants available that are simple to instal. A two-person or multi-person washbasin may need more time and effort to instal; however, many brands and manufacturers provide free installation services.

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The benefit of having a solitary basin is that it saves space in the restroom and is simple to instal. A downside of a single-type basin is that just one person can utilize it at a time, as opposed to a double-type washbasin, which may be used by two persons simultaneously.

The Best Bathroom Wash Basin Material

There are various materials from which these wash basins are made up from. We have listed some materials below which you can choose from:

  • Ceramic

The most popular material for a toilet basin is ceramic. Because they are available in a variety of shapes and forms, such basins are very famous among the general population. They are inexpensive, hard, and easy to maintain and clean.

  • Glass 

Glass wash basins are popular these days, but they need special maintenance. They should only be used in restrooms where users are cautious not to drop anything on the basin.

  • Marble and stone

Strong surface basins made of marble/stone are distinguished by their exact lines and absence of wrinkles. They have a sleek, understated design and are simple to maintain. They made the bathroom seem luxurious.

  • Resin
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Resin is used to make vanity washbasins. The resin is less heavy compared to other materials.

  • Metal

Stainless steel or metal are typical materials for multiple-user washbasins in industrial and commercial settings. This sort of material has the benefit of being low maintenance and inexpensive when compared with other materials. It is simple to put in the bathroom.


The kind of washbasin chosen is determined by the available space in the bathroom as well as personal preference. Before selecting the proper kind of washbasin, examine the plumbing configuration, as this will dictate the positioning of the bathroom sink, which should match the plumbing as well as the faucet through that it will be fitted. Measure the right measurements of the area where the washbasin will be installed, as well as the height and vertical height of your washbasin, to enable adequate room for water to flow inside the sink and avoid increased water splashing & fleeing the wash basin.

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