MyTradingCollege Reviews 2021- Get All the Required Knowledge You Need to Become a Professional Trader

The trading industry is rapidly moving forward and gaining much hype, making the youth more curious every day. Everyone wants to jump on the trend and be the most acknowledged one in the room. However, for trading, it has to be learned and studied to succeed in the field. To find a site that allows you and teaches you all the tactics and techniques that will indeed offer you success is nearly impossible, but a platform like MyTradingCollege is willing to provide you all that and much more.

I was in a position just a few years ago when I was desperate to earn a living, and realistically so is everyone in search of a means to earn to fulfill themselves in one way or another. I had an idea about trading and what it offers, but I wasn’t aware of the tiny details that are the most important ones to be mindful of. Hence, I was in dire need to be educated about trading by someone that has all the information about the insights of the industry and can help me tame my skills and further guide me toward a successful trader.

At times like these, one needs a professional that is also reliable to teach them a skill. Henceforth, I chose MyTradingCollege because I felt at ease with the learning process and was comfortable enough to make mistakes and recover them through all the knowledge, they have to provide their clients. Keeping up with the tricks and techniques to succeed in trading requires great expertise that I could learn from this site. Here is my experience in a detailed review.

My First Impression

The first impression is the attention grabber as the site has to be appealing and display what it has to offer to gain clients. This site has a clean layout yet has everything that it provides on display which is quite impressive. All they provide is organized in different sections that contain everything that is required to be conscious about. However, they only have two languages that they have to offer, i.e., English and Deutsch, which is a limiting number of dialects to choose from and can be problematic for the international clientele. On the other hand, the color combination is ideally put together as bright and attractive, making it easy on the eyes.  

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What The Personalized Courses Have To Offer?

The personalized has all the wonders that could assure you success to you in this field. They have three personalized courses available to those willing to learn, and they constitute of:

  • Lite

The lite course perfects the essential skills that will help you build your trading career. It is necessary to be familiar with the basics before learning all the complex steps of the trading process. They offer 130 Pages of Action-Packed eBooks, 90 Minutes of Easy Follow Videos, an Economic Calendar, Market News, Glossary, and Trading Signals. They avail all these features at the cost of 350 Euros.

  • Plus

The plus course consists of all the material present in the lite curse. It has trading psychology, advanced eBooks, in-depth videos, daily analysis, asset trends, and live trading signals, all worth 700 Euros.

  • Pro

All the material of the plus course includes all features listed below in 1350 Euros:

  • All the advanced lessons, 
  • In-depth laws of economics, 
  • Basic and advanced technical analysis, 
  • Professional trading strategies, 
  • Complete list of trading terms, 
  • Trading tools, 
  • Trading signals.

Customer service

Customer service has to be one of the most critical sections of a platform. A client truly determines if they would continue using the platform or not solely based on the site’s services. Ideal customer service would constitute a wide range of dialects, 24/7 service, and rapid responses with the required information. Unfortunately, I have my fair share of bad experiences with many sites that offer trading courses and found them unappealing and underwhelming.  

However, with this site, I didn’t have to face any obstacles at firsthand and was at ease with the services. They provide their services on working days and optimize their customer service through the telephone line, live chat, email, and filling out a form. I used their live chat option as I am a bit more comfortable chatting than on the phone. My experience has been nothing short of pleasant as I had received responses immediately with all the required information. Furthermore, I noticed that they only cater their telephone services to the UK, which can be concerning for their international clients. Providing a broader range of regions should be beneficial for them.

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What Education I Have Received Throughout My Experience

Any platform can claim that they can offer you the proper knowledge about trading to make you successful in a matter of time, but only a few can live up to it. Before I landed on this platform, I had done my research and could judge it by contrasting it with the other sites. By far, this platform has genuinely lived up to its expectations, and beyond that, it has inspired me to make trading a full-time career option for me.

I subscribed to the “Plus” course and received everything mentioned in the bundle and was beyond satisfied with it. All the material provided was of top-notch quality, and I didn’t see anything that was missing. I had received just what the platform promised me; hence I got my money’s worth.

I had been made aware of all the necessities of the trading industry and its psychology, which has been the most helpful thing I had learned. The advanced eBooks also gave me a detailed insight into trading techniques, and the in-depth videos were very cooperative and handy to learn from.  

How I became successful by using MyTradingCollege?

Becoming successful is hard work, especially in the trading industry. It can be tough to keep up with the asset trends, learn tips and tricks, and implement them daily. Hence, I spent my time constantly learning and gaining new information with all the material they provided. It is beneficial, and I moved forward with each lesson and didn’t face many difficulties. I saw myself improving my skills every day in navigating where I was heading with my knowledge. 

At first, I had availed the “Lite” course, which had given me explicit material to perfect the foundation of trading and an insight into what I should look forward to in the industry. However, after some time, I felt like I outgrew the basics and wanted to move forward, improve my skills, and learn more complex yet professional courses. Then, I had availed the “Plus” course that gave me a boost ad further helped me get closer to being a successful trader. On top of their offerings, they also provide a section where they explain what broker to choose, which is very convenient for those traders that need to find a trusting broker. Their teachings play a considerable role in my success as they provide a complete breakdown of what they offer and live up to their hype.

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To conclude this review, I had a lot to learn, and this platform has fulfilled all that I needed to know, and all that was necessary to be made conscious of for a novice trader is provided. I had a great time expanding my knowledge and getting invested in this site to avoid the chances of getting scammed just as soon as I enter the industry. The trading industry is challenging to handle without guidance, so unless you have someone in your family or friends to guide you through this journey, you will need MyTradingCollege.

I had received the best treatment in every aspect of the site. The customer service was of top-notch quality and very responsive, which is pleasing. However, it did come to my attention that the payment methods do not have a wide variety to choose from, i.e., MasterCard and VISA are the only two payment methods available for their clientele. It limits the factor that people who don’t have the privilege of using these are deprived of the platform. They should add many more payment methods like PayPal, IDEAL, VLoad, Maestro, Bank wire, etc.

Besides this fault, the language barrier is also an issue as they do not provide a broad range to avail the platform’s offerings, which means that the site has limited its reach to the clientele. In return, the people who are willing to broaden their knowledge and get into trading are in desperate need of guidance. Nonetheless, I had a great experience with this platform and appreciated its efforts to ensure the quality of the courses throughout.

Disclaimer: This review from my own experience and self-knowledge only, and this is not a recommendation.

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