Carter-Williams Review 2021- In The Daunting World Of Trading, Is This A Reliable Broker?

The global market is highly competitive today, and this is because it is still growing exponentially. By purchasing and selling lucrative financial instruments, international investors hope to take their companies to the next level. However, it isn’t as simple as it seems since calculating the lucrative nature of securities takes a certain level of expertise.

When I stepped into the fast-growing trading world, I was hesitant to pursue my trading venture. However, brokerage firms provide services and reliable analytical tools to help traders and investors like me better understand the ins and outs of the market. When it comes to brokerage firms, I was shocked at the variety of options available.

As I started exploring, I found the many options available for trading platforms to be very daunting. I tried out a few online brokerage firms that cater to novice traders, but I was disappointed. I was losing more money than I was making, which made me doubt trading as a reliable source of income.

However, this experience and training molded me into the trader I am today. Instead of just throwing money at trending securities and chasing hot tips, I could think more clearly and make decisions based on measured assessments. But, to indeed prosper in the trading world, I concluded that I must first grasp the global stock market.

Finally, I came across with Carter-Williams. This is where I learned, grew, and now I’m a part of their platform that’s assisting me in taking my business to the next level. Carter-Williams is well-equipped to provide me with real-time streaming quotes and sophisticated charting tools. I wanted to write a review because I believe in sharing accurate details, and my firsthand experience might be beneficial to new traders searching for a trustworthy platform.


As part of my initial evaluation, this is likely the first thing I note about the platform. When I first came across this website, the first thing that struck me was how appealing it seemed. Even though I wasn’t a fan of the integrated graphics, they have been used, and I would have preferred if they had remained more subtle on that front. But, of course, it’s a matter of personal taste since everyone’s tastes differ when designing.

A platform with a fun, engaging interface will go a long way in my experience. When I first started using trading platforms, I realized how important this aspect is. However, as I progressed and analyzed the options available in the market, I quickly realized that providing all of those resources in a well-packaged server is the real deal. As a result, Carter-Williams has put a lot of time and effort into developing its server.

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I found this platform attractive from a design standpoint, but it is also functional. Traders will significantly benefit from the tools and services available on this platform, and the fact that they have been incorporated into the server makes access much more accessible. You can go straight to pages like Trading Platform, Account Types, Education Center, and Other Info by clicking. Beginner traders would not be perplexed when locating specific options on the site.


I have been in the trading industry for a while so, I was well aware of the risk factors that must be considered when trading on the open market. For example, if the server is not stable, especially with online trading platforms, the risk of hacking is always present. This is why, for my reassurance, I like to be aware of the security measures in place for a trading platform.

I admired Carter-Williams’s openness in ensuring that every client is aware of the legal structure underpinning smooth trade operations. As a result, I can be assured that the platform’s brokers and service representatives monitor all of my transactions. When I performed my trading sessions, I realized how important it is to have this information on hand. I am always paranoid if I won’t trust any platform whose security measures aren’t as straightforward.

Registration and verification

When it comes to security legislation, the first question I ask is about the platform’s registration process. After reading Carter-Williams ‘ legal code, I agreed to sign up, which includes documentation on everything from the Terms and Conditions to the Risk Disclosure Statement. To sign up, all they needed was my email address and full name. The majority of the specifications are for verification purposes only.

By submitting an email directly to the client’s inbox, the platform makes it easier for them to verify their email. So, all I had to do now is click my way through the verification process, and once my email address had been checked, I was able to verify my identity. I quickly realized that this registration process could be tedious for most traders, but there is no way around it because each move contributes to the protection of your account.

Since the pictorial document was not accepted on the first attempt, the identity check took some time for me. This was because I had scanned a black and white copy of my government-issued identification card. Document verification procedures are strictly controlled at Carter-Williams. This is why I needed to send color copies of my paper in their original form. This is done in the long term to ensure that no market rule is violated. With the rise in identity theft in the global stock trading market these days, I appreciated the scheme, even if it was inconvenient for me.

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At the bottom of each tab, a disclaimer highlights the platform’s security regulations. I thought this was a smart move by Carter-Williams because it means that clients have access to the legal documents they need at all times. Since the introduction of Contracts for Differences (CFDs), there has been a lucrative but high-risk demand for them. Carter-Williams ensures that any resource it offers can make trading conditions more convenient for its customers.

Smart Tools

Carter-Williams offered various resources to its customers, including analytical, instructional, and advanced tools. While they are not classified on the website, I decided to separate them to make their evaluation easier. For example, analytical instruments include those that aid in interpreting trade data. I’d also have the chart in this category because it depicted the current market situation. As a day trader, I figured that I should probably use this tool more often because I will be making several trades at once. In addition, the chart’s custom-setting function allowed me to customize the trade data to meet my specific needs.

I would have preferred to implement a better chart layout with a more appealing backdrop. However, a slew of custom features compensates for the design flaw once more. Anything from the chart form to the chart indicators is up to me. I was able to zoom in and out, and the panel is decorated with pop-up lists to make it easier to access the various other options. I wasn’t a fan of the color overlapping in these lists, but I can see why they stuck to the monochrome theme.

Carter-Williams tools are excellent, and each account has its own set of advanced tools for its users. The educational resources are beneficial to beginners, making this platform a perfect option for all forms of traders. I’m hoping that the site adds more languages, making it more user-friendly. It currently only has a few choices, making it only available in a few languages.

Variety of Assets

CFD/FOREX experts would also enjoy the convenience of trading these instruments with a single click. I will essentially need to pick a sum and submit the request with CFDs. Carter-Williams is a multi-asset broker that allows me to trade hundreds of different financial assets. This includes a full-fledged forex trading site, as the name implies.

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This includes most majors and minors and a diverse range of fascinating collections. This means I can exchange emerging monetary types like the South African rand (ZAR), Turkish lira (TRY), and Mexican peso (MXN) (MXN). There are more options, which is probably why my interest in the platform grew even more substantial. Despite the lower number of indices, I found myself spending more on forex. Aside from forex, you can also trade:

  • Cryptocurrency: Carter-Williams has you covered if you need to speculate about the potential value of digital currencies. BTC/USD, ETH/USD, and XRP/USD are examples of flat-to-crypto combinations. You can also exchange cryptocurrency cross pairs like ZEC/BTC, XRP/BIT, and NEO/BTC.
  • Stocks: Carter-Williams also has a range of stock CFDs. This includes the NASDAQ and NYSE’s most influential companies. So, for example, I could place buy and sell orders on Amazon, Apple, Facebook, IBM, Tesla, and a variety of other companies. I don’t care for traditional offer management administrations, so I opted for CFDs, which allowed me to trade both long and short.
  • Indices: I thought the broker lacked a little in this field. Indices are fantastic for making educated guesses on larger securities trades. Unfortunately, I can only exchange 11 Indices at Carter-Williams.
  • Commodities:On the platform, I can also exchange various products. This includes precious metals such as gold and silver and energy sources such as oil and natural gas. With all taken into account, I believe Carter-Williams provides a comprehensive list of assets that should appeal to the majority of online traders.


Carter-Williams, in my opinion, is a good platform for both new and advanced traders. Even though the forum could use a few tweaks here and there, I believe they are on the right track to being more effective. I would tell, however, that if the broker can work on the education content, Indices collection, and more dialect for the site, it would be highly beneficial.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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