Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

In 2021, marketing is a little bit tough. Competition is growing and especially after the pandemic, everyone wants to advertise online. We will cover the latest trends that you need to implement in your daily schedule. You can buy Instagram likes, YouTube subscribers, or TikTok followers, but you should have the general knowledge to manage those things. You can actually look for professional people or a digital marketing agency that can handle these things for you.

Social Networks are Becoming Marketplaces

We see how social networks are striving to capture a part of the online store market, for example, Shopping tags and the function of placing orders through Instagram appeared (so far in other countries, in the Russian Federation, they are not yet, but, possibly, they will appear in 2021), Facebook Pay, Buyable Pins on Pinterest. Obviously, in 2021, new features will appear that will allow you to use social networks as a full-fledged showcase of goods. Some entrepreneurs (we are talking about small businesses) already now use only social networks for sales and do not create separate websites.

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Development of messaging functionality.

We are talking about both independent messengers (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) and messengers on social networks (directly to Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Tik-Tok). As communication with customers, friends, and colleagues more and more moves from email and mobile messaging to instant messaging, new features will be introduced in the coming years. In 2020, Telegram was able to create chat folders, disappearing messages were posted to Instagram, and businesses could process correspondence through the Business Suite. The messengers still have a lot to develop.

Development of monetization tools for bloggers in order to attract authors.

While bloggers are fighting for an audience, social networks are fighting for authors and bloggers. More favorable monetization conditions have become one of the tools for attracting them. For instance Instagram published badges for donations and an IGTV monetization test, Odnoklassniki – accepting virtual gifts during streams (then they can be cashed out), Tik-Tok allows you to receive donations on live broadcasts, and in some countries, payment for ad impressions in videos is already being tested, YouTube began to add 2 ad integrations to 8 minute videos (it used to be 10 minutes), although there is a minus for authors – now ads on YouTube will be shown in all videos, even those where monetization is not connected. So far, nothing is known about monetization in Telegram, but most likely it will also appear, since the project, in fact, does not earn anything, and the investments in the messenger are huge.

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Control of the advertising market for bloggers in social networks.

Now advertising can be bought by bypassing social networks by negotiating with the blogger directly or through special services. Accordingly, social networks are missing out on large cash flows, and advertising from bloggers creates competition for targeted advertising. In addition, not all bloggers mark posts as advertising, and this is already a risk for social networks themselves. In the UK and many other countries, bloggers are required to tag commercial posts with #ad or #sponsored tags. Lack of marks can lead to legal action. There are already attempts by social networks to take control of the blogger market – the “Sponsored publication” mark on Instagram has long existed, and not so long ago, the Brands Collab Manager service appeared for ordering advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Most likely, social networks will continue to move in this direction + stricter control over advertising publications is possible.

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