Must-Know Tips Before Installing Awning Windows

Awning windows are an excellent option for kitchen, bathroom, attic and even basement. They allow good ventilation of the room, while protecting you from the rain.

Read in our article about all the key features of such windows and where they can be purchased in Canada.

Suitable for any dwelling

This type of windows can be installed either separately or as part of a large window system. This design is easy to fit into any interior and can be installed exactly where you need more fresh air.

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These structures can be mounted higher than other types of windows. This ensures even better ventilation of a room.

Ease of use

Their design allows you to effortlessly ventilate the room. Special handle makes it easy to open and close flaps when you need it.


We’ve already mentioned that these windows can be installed high enough. This is the optimal solution for those who want to make their lives private.

Best Solution for Humid Climate

No need to worry about precipitation getting into your home during the ventilation! Since the flaps open at 45°, they prevent moisture from getting into the room. Nothing will interfere with normal air circulation.

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Heat and noise insulation

Awning windows are made from vinyl. This material keeps your house cool in summer and warm in winter so that you will always have excellent living conditions. And it also saves a lot of money by lowering the electricity bill.

It also protects you from the street noise and unpleasant odors. All to make your life more pleasant!

Stylish appearance

You can choose any design, fitting and color that will fit into the interior of your house.

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