Dealing With Delayed Injuries In A Syracuse Car Accident

With the automobile industry getting increasingly advanced, numerous safety features have been installed inside vehicles to keep riders safe and secure from any hazards. Although such safety features successfully prevented severe damage or injuries to the riders, they could not eradicate accidents. Delayed injuries are a common scenario, as people often tend to disregard the need for immediate medical attention after an accident. If one has been involved in a car accident, it is essential to contact a medical professional and then an attorney to avoid costly compensations later. Book the first free consultation with a King Law attorney to ensure the utmost safety post-accident.

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How To Identify Delayed Injuries

Although delayed injuries are challenging to identify as they come with no apparent injuries or wounds, one should take any stiffness, pain, and soreness seriously if they occur in the body following an accident. Some other non-apparent injuries might include persistent neck or back pain, lack of sensation, sudden pain or swelling in the abdomen, headaches, blurred vision, difficulty in concentration, and confusion. If one witnesses any of these symptoms, immediate check-ups, and medical attention can save one from worsening health conditions.

Can One Claim Compensation Against Such Injuries?

Suppose the injury is a direct result of the negligence of another party. In that case, one can claim compensation to cover all the medical expenses and the loss of income, if any. But the claim procedure with insurance companies involves a lot of hassle and requires expert advice to secure the maximum compensation. Assistance from an experienced attorney is a necessity for the following reasons:

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Collection Of All The Relevant Medical Records

An attorney will help one collect all the relevant medical documents that would act as solid evidence for the claim. This would especially be beneficial if the victim has been severely injured and need to focus on recovery.

Secure Statements From The Witnesses

An attorney will also personally take interviews with the witnesses and record their statements to strengthen the case.

Enter Into A Negotiation With The Insurance Company

Insurance companies are most likely to offer lowball settlements to accident victims by making them agree on a settlement too quickly. Therefore negotiation is a must. An attorney will consider all the losses, including financial, mental, and physical suffering, and negotiate with the insurance providers to provide the victim with the maximum compensation.

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Final Thoughts

If the insurance provider is reluctant to agree on a fair compensation amount, the attorney will advise one to file a lawsuit to ensure that the victim is provided with deserving compensation.

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